I’m looking for LOVE stories for my book

In the end of the day I want to be free. I want to be free in travel. I want to be free in the work I do. And I want to be free in love. I want to live a lifestyle of wealth, health and abundance. Abundance equates to ultimate freedom. This is what my Freedom Project book series is based on.

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The travel thing I got down already. I’m a travel hacker, and I book free airfare all the time. I get free hotel room upgrades and get treated like royalty almost anywhere I go. It’s not about cheap travel, I travel well without spending large amount of money. In a nutshell, that’s the premise of my first book, the Freedom Project Travel. The book explains my travel hacking principles. I shares everything I do to secure free airfare. That book went on to become a number one international bestseller.

That book was followed by a second book in the Freedom Project series, Happiness. This time about happiness, and more specifically happiness at work. In my research for that book I realized a lot of people are miserable in the jobs they’re doing. They’re not happy. They’re not fulfilled in what they’re doing.

Next up is my greatest nemesis: Love. I want to build and define ways to make relationships better. People are lonely. In this day and age we’re always connected through social media. Despite the never ending notifications on our smart devices, we’re lonely. We’re lonely in our environment, in our communities, and in our society. We’re can even be lonely in the relationships we have at home. Relationships with family and loved ones leave us feel unfulfilled somehow. In my upcoming book, The Freedom Project Love 2.0, I want to tackle some of these issues. I want to explore if there’s an upgraded way to relate to one another.

If you roll from one experience to the other in life, you’re not going to think much about the how and why. We forget why we are doing things the way we’re doing. I’m looking for upgraded views to do things different. I don’t want to live a regular life. I’m looking for excitement, joy and I’m looking for abundance. I want to live a long healthy, and happy life. I looking for prosperity in all areas of life. I’m passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned in the work I do through my books and my teaching.

I want to love my journey through life. I want to help discover all of that and more, and then share my findings in this upcoming book. For that I’m looking for input from experts in relationships in all areas of life. I’m also looking for stories of anything that you might have experienced in your life. I’m looking for opinions that you have based on your experience that should be part of this book. If you’d like to be part of my book, please click here to learn more and get in touch with my team.

Love is very personal, it’s very close to our heart. I’m looking to share some of your stories so please share them with me.

With lots of love for you,




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