The Monopoly On Truth – And Celebrating My Birthday Week

This week I’m celebrating my birthday, and I’ve put together a few special things that I’d love to share with you. Like a new calendar year, birthdays are a great time to celebrate and reflect upon what’s next. Celebrate achievements, and focus on next steps, and new adventures. For the first week ever since the start of the pandemic, I didn’t host my weekly webinar this Wednesday morning. Instead I went on a fairly chilly motorcycle ride to relax, recharge and come up with some fresh ideas.

This week, I’ve decided to re-focus on sharing educational content. Casually reading lots of different ideas online will only give you a superficial understanding. And there’s so much of that “shallow” content online. Think of it like traveling around the world and never staying very long in any one place. I prefer to stay longer, dive deeper, and really get to know a place when I’m visiting. The same goes for learning. Don’t just study any way, leverage the power of focus and decide what you’ll achieve next. Do it properly!

The Monopoly On Truth

Simply repeating what teachers dictate on a given topic might (maybe) be a good way for children to learn, but it’s not good enough for adults. This is not about getting a participation award. Unfortunately repeating what other people say is at the core of most continuing education programs. There’s so many self-proclaimed gurus out there that try to sell you the idea of following in their footsteps. That never works. They’re selling an approach that worked for them, back in the day. Regardless of what they say, nobody has a monopoly on truth. In fact, there’s plenty for all of us!

What you need is a system that you can use to carve out your own journey and get real results faster. Real learning is active – you gain your own knowledge and develop your mindset along the way. They say you become the average of the five people you spend most time with. Choose them wisely. The best people we can surround ourselves with don’t just reflect who we are, they also support us in changing for the better.

Creating Real Results

This is what I’ve missed the most in my post-university learning journey. I’ve attended so many great trainings, but left all of those with a sense of “now what” after the event. As great as the learning was, it didn’t provide me with an actionable system that allowed me to get to work and create my own path to success.

My own courses today are created as interactive learning experiences: they’re active and allow you to get to work right away as you complete the curriculum. That way, you implement the change right away and can start seeing results even before completing the entire program. It’s about building and sustaining momentum, and then taking the next step with support along the way.

Your mind is your most valuable possession; it’s your home and the safe-keeper of your body. So take care of it well. Train and develop your mind to help you achieve the things you want to achieve in your life, business and career.  You can travel around the whole world and discover many cities, explore new cultures and meet new people, but still wind up feeling restless. If you take care of your mind, you can learn to be comfortable and take care of yourself anywhere in the world. Taking care of your health and overall wellbeing isn’t just a matter of exercising frequently and following a healthy diet – it’s also about training your mind by learning and doing new things frequently. Add something new!

Free Online Learning

To help you get started on something new, I’d like to invite you to preview (almost) any of my online classes. That includes the brand new Break Free Xperience that was just launched the other day. You can look around inside the program at no cost to you. You can even take a peek inside my flagship programs like Write a Book in a Week, the Travel Revolution and the brand new Break Free Xperience. Amazing!

In case you’ve missed the previous updates, the new Break Free Xperience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with me before. It’s my Ultimate Online Masterclass for Breaking Free and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Long story short – I went through this training myself a couple of years ago and it completely changed my life… now I’m excited to share this unique and brand new experience with you. You can expect some break through goal setting, good music, laughs, cries, movies, a bit of yoga, some qigong, and much more. If you’re looking to do something different, add something new, and have an overall amazing time this is it. Just saying…

You can explore the available programs using the link below, and select “Preview” from each course to get your complimentary preview access. Or, if you already know what you want, most programs are open for full enrolment today as well.

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