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The You I Can’t See The You I Can’t See
I ended up watching Oprah’s show about mental health on Apple TV – if you have the chance I recommend you give the first... The You I Can’t See

I ended up watching Oprah’s show about mental health on Apple TV – if you have the chance I recommend you give the first two episodes a try at least.

Getting a different side of Harry and Meghan’s story (and so many others) moved me and was very recognizable at the same time. I wasn’t a big fan of the initial press coverage on the royal exit, and thought something along the lines of “if you don’t like your job just quit – even if you’re a prince”. But beneath the surface something was going on that struck several chords with me. More on that to follow.

Whatever was an issue before COVID-19 became magnified over the last 15 months, especially when it comes to loneliness and isolation. Freedom on the other hand is about doing what you love, and loving what you do by creating meaningful connections with others. There can be such a disconnect between the two.

For now, I’ve felt inspired to open a few seats on two of my flagship programs, to reach more people that I know can benefit from this content. I’m not trying to sell you on these or push you to make a decision today – if you’re curious about either of these you’re invited to start with a preview at no cost to you.

Option 1: Break Free Xperience

This powerful learning experience will help you uncover your potential, take the next step, and work towards achieving your most important goals. If you’re looking to get to the next level in your life and career, I would love to have you join on this journey.

Complimentary preview access to the Break Free Xperience

Option 2: Write a Book in a Week

When you share your story, it doesn’t just help gain clarity for yourself, but by opening up you can also help and impact many other people. The only way out is to break free and tell the truth. We all have a story, that when shared, can benefit someone else.

Complimentary preview access to Write a Book in a Week

Not for everyone

When I shared these invitations with a small subset of my mailinglist a while ago, it became very obvious that what I teach is not for everyone. It prompted me to shift gears and focus even more on building a closer support community. I want to connect one-to-one with those who can benefit from the programs I’ve created. You may be one of them. But my direct teaching style is also not for everyone. I say things as I see them and hold my clients accountable to the results they told me were important to them. If you think that may be you, start yourself with one of the two links above to get access to your complimentary preview.

Either of these programs will be great for you if you:

  • Have big dreams and no longer want to settle for what’s inside your comfort zone
  • You want do good for yourself and others, and make a difference by increasing your impact on the world.
  • You have an open mind and are looking to add something new to the mix to get to results faster.
  • You’re ready to get to work and try out new and different approaches to get different results.
  • You’re able to set aside some time in the next couple of months to do something with what you’ve learned.

My life gets better when I know I can help other people through the work I do. That’s why, for every full (paid) course registration we also equip one deserving child with the best possible education, sparking imaginations and opening minds to the possibility of hope and change!

Thanks for being part of my community. You are not alone. If there’s anything I can support you with please just get in touch.

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Hi, I’m Wilko van de Kamp, creator of Liberty Training Academy and author of the Freedom Project book series. For more than 15 years, I have helped people and their companies achieve their own results beyond their goals. I work with authors, coaches and experts to build their brand to become a #1 industry influencer and increase their impact on the communities they serve. We focus on every aspect of personal brand building through technology and storytelling, with a relentless focus on accelerating the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals. And I would love to do the same for you! To get started, you can preview any of my courses free of charge.