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What Happened After My Happiness Book Got Published What Happened After My Happiness Book Got Published
This post shares what happened in the fall of 2015, which became the story that inspired my new “book of love“. After traveling and... What Happened After My Happiness Book Got Published

This post shares what happened in the fall of 2015, which became the story that inspired my new “book of love“. After traveling and working on my Happiness book all summer, release day was finally there. With the help from many amazing people on my team, I worked hard to make the release a successful one. Our combined efforts paid off, and the book ended its first day as a number one “hot release”. I celebrated the success on my patio with a glass of good wine and a cigar, one of my guilty pleasures, while dinner was simmering over the stove. But literally as I was soaking up the rays of sunshine on a warm Calgary afternoon something hit me. I had been completely obsessed with my book. I had once again forgotten about some of the things, and people, that truly mattered to me. I had worked long days, neglecting my girlfriend at that time in the process. Even if you do what you love, it’s possible to “over-live” your passion. I had left behind the nine-to-five corporate workforce and pursued a more creative career. On that sunny afternoon after all the hard work was done, I came to the shocking realization that you can still burn yourself out, even if you do what you love most. I promised myself right there and then I’d be better and focus more on the things that truly mattered.

That realization turned out to be too little, too late. Even though my girl believed in my work, and had supported my writing efforts immensely, she decided that day it was enough. While I was preparing dinner, she didn’t return home that night, or the next. I was on my own, once again. As I realized what was happening my body went numb. Much like Liz Gilbert in Eat Pray Love I whispered many silent prayers in the days and nights to come. “Oh God I’m in deep trouble here, please help.”

What could I do? I had been longing to belong, and that world had been ripped away from underneath me. I wished someone or something would give me a sign on what to do next or where to start walking towards. “Anyone?” I asked. It stayed quiet. I had to let both the future and the past go, and focus on the here and now, today. This book is my story of learning to live by the day and not getting stuck in “what if” scenarios, even though I was very unsure about what the future would hold for me. I tried to live by the day. I told myself, “You are not stuck, you might be just afraid to do what’s next”. Deep inside me there was a voice that already knew what I really wanted. At the time I just wished it would speak a bit louder.

Life is not easy sometimes, and it will leave you scarred. But I decided this life is my life and I’m going for it. There’s so much to celebrate and experience out there that I didn’t want to sit down in sadness or depression. Everything you want out of life will lead to an experience. I want to live, and share my experiences with some special people. The question is simple: what do you really want out of life? The goal is to go straight for that. “Love” has to do with finding harmony and bringing it into concert with your life. It’s about realizing there’s someone who is with you right now who’s willing to pick you up. Everything is not always going to be ok. But one thing is true: you do not have to be alone.

To continue reading, please buy yourself a copy of the book. The Freedom Project Love 2.0, an upgraded view to the way humans relate to each other, was release in May of 2018. The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon, Amazon Canada, Barnes & Noble and finer book retailers worldwide. For those who like ebooks (not me), it’s also available on Amazon Kindle. To learn more about the Freedom Project series please visit Thanks for your support!


Feature photograph for this post was provided by Creative Windmill Fine Art Photography. The photograph was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina. See more Buenos Aires Fine Art Photography here.

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