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Are you addicted to approval? Are you addicted to approval?
The greatest prison you can live in is caring too much about what other people think. Of course, other people are important - but... Are you addicted to approval?

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The greatest prison you can live in is caring too much about what other people think. Of course, other people are important – but to what extent are your happiness and wellbeing dependant on getting some form of approval from another person?

selfie-1323391_640Social media has further developed our approval addiction. We share #selfies, and worry when not enough people “like” what we post. As a result, people are losing their ability to focus on what really matters: we live in an approval-addicted society built around instant gratification.

Living as an approval addict is like living in a mental prison. You have to constantly make sure you say the right thing, do the right thing, and look right in order to get the needed “likes”, love and approval. Your feelings are on a roller coaster – from feeling the wonderful feelings that come from getting your approval “fix” to feeling the despair that comes when your “supply” – the source of your approval – isn’t there anymore.

Love and approval addiction is rooted in self-abandonment. Imagine the feeling part of you as a child – your inner child. When you are approval addicted, you have handed your inner child away for adoption. Instead of learning to take responsibility for your own happiness by loving and approving of yourself, you have handed your inner child away to others for love and approval – making others responsible for your feelings. This inner self-abandonment will always cause the deep pain of low self-worth, making you dependent on others for your self-esteem and sense of worth.

smile-1188654_1280To get out of that prison you have to become dissatisfied with your current situation or it will be tough to break free. Most of us have become complacent and comfortable at some point and will need to literally work on our dissatisfaction. If you’re not dissatisfied enough it will not outweigh the cost of the work and effort you’ll have to put in. People will not suffer for no reason: everybody has a cost and it has to paid – usually in advance. Work on your dissatisfaction with the person you are becoming. To move ahead from where you are today you’ll need to work on the vision for your life.

Getting past any addiction is a life long commitment – any program you do is just a good start. The real work starts after. It all begins with raising your level of thinking in order to raise the level of the results you see in your life. Become a world class thinker, and a better version of yourself. Seek to make a difference in other people’s life and be of value to them in everything you do.

The path out of that comfort zone might not be easy, as the minute you venture out of there the emotions that have been running your life thus far will raise all sorts of objections. You’ll need the right attitude and activity to get past that initial point of hesitation. I’m not just talking about wishful thinking, which is synonymous for having a weak mindset. Delusion is the cancer of high performance. Without the right activities to confirm the attitude the positive thinking by itself means very little. Create a vision for your life. What’s currently blocking you from making that vision a reality – what’s getting in your way?

What do you have to lose by just living your life, without the need for constant external approval? What you go through doesn’t matter as long as you make it through. Don’t quit the path you’re on and discover the liberating blueprint to finding freedom and happiness to pursue your biggest dreams, and living life on your terms.

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