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Are You “On Hold” In Your Life? Are You “On Hold” In Your Life?
This week I was waiting on the phone with the customer service department of a company I had ordered something from that never showed... Are You “On Hold” In Your Life?

This week I was waiting on the phone with the customer service department of a company I had ordered something from that never showed up. Over and over again, I thought of things I could have done while I sat there, waiting, not living my life, listening to music I didn’t even like. Are you “on hold” in your life? Are you waiting for a spouse to come along, or for him or her to act better towards you? Are you waiting for the motivation to get your home organized? Are you waiting for a great job to fall into your lap? Are you waiting for winning the lottery to plan your retirement?

Taking Small Steps Every Day

Eighty percent of your problems come from twenty percent of your life. Determine what the small percentage is that’s affecting so much of your life, and start working towards making it happier, more efficient, and more satisfying. You’re always looking for something out there, something that you haven’t seen yet. The biggest secret is that what you’re looking for isn’t something out there. It’s something that you carry with you every day. You already have what it takes to be free, and successful. As we near the end of this book I’ll share some ideas to help get unstuck, and get going again. Let’s get started.

It starts with love. First, let go of all your past negative attitudes and limiting beliefs. Then, choose to love your life, every minute of every day. Love everything that happens to you, and make each moment a real part of your life. Love your car, your house, the trees and the flowers. Love the birds and appreciate the beautiful sounds they make. Love your friends and love your neighbors.

Love is a state of mind. You can just decide to do it, and when you do, you will find that love bounces back to you, and with it the ability for you to work wonders with your mind. Get used to this new way of feeling and it will lift your experiences in life.

The Secrets To Attract Good Things Back To You

Love is one of the secrets to attract good things back to you. It starts with you. You, as a person, are unconditionally loved. There’s nothing you can do wrong. You can do good, and do well at the same time. There’s no need for limiting “either/or”-thinking. You can love every minute of the day and make it a real part of your life. Your passion and purpose are overlapping. Once you allow yourself to take action and choose in favor of your passions you’ll discover what it means to feel alive.

Your life’s purpose can be broad or very specific. Your purpose can be the full image covering every detail, or simply the next step to take. You’re born with a set of qualities and talents, and your purpose in life is to make that shine in everything you do. But what is the difference between those who are successful at that, and those who are not? “I want to be someone who helps others” could mean anything, from a barista in a coffee shop to a heart surgeon. Focus on who you want to be. Be as specific as possible. And then stop waiting, and take action. The only difference between you and the so-called “successful” people, who are getting what they want, is that they took massive action, and kept moving.

Your Life Today

I challenge you to take an honest look at your life today. Do you find yourself watching endless hours of television? Are you trying to escape emotional and spiritual pain by taking drugs or alcohol? Do you indulge in overeating to still an emotional hunger? What distractions take you out of being present with what you are feeling?

For me, constant travel was the perfect way to take me away from a life I didn’t like in the first place. It didn’t matter where I was; I took myself along with me for the ride. Bottled up pain and emotions I hadn’t dealt with were there all along with me, affecting my body and energetic space. The few days or weeks away always did me good. While I was travelling, I felt happier, and more engaging. I felt less disconnected from my true self, my purpose, and my story.

An Upgraded View

The questions above ultimately lead me to write the third book in the bestselling Freedom Project series: Love 2.0. The Freedom Project philosophy is to live free through travel, work, and love. Ultimate freedom means designing a lifestyle of wealth, health and abundance, without having to make concessions. This third book in my series is for those who don’t want a regular life, but dare to choose excitement, joy and abundance. Love is about creating new ways to take your relationships in all areas of life to the next level.

Love, the ultimate journey through life, will help you discover all that – and more.

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