Be more conscious about using your subconscious brain power

I had always believed that humans only use a few percent of our brainpower at most. The majority of it, I thought, is just grey matter, doing not much more than taking up space. Contrary to that still more or less popular belief, the subconscious brain obviously fulfills a lot of functions. For example, when I woke up this morning I didn’t have to remind myself to carry on breathing. I would have already been dead if that were the case. Imagine the amount of casualties we would have simply because we got distracted for a moment and forgot to breathe. Luckily our subconscious brain handles all those functions for us, keeping us alive and making sure all vital functions keep running smoothly.

The main job of our brain is to keep us safe and alive, which is why such a large portion of the mind is dedicated to the subconscious brain. It’s in our own best interest. But in addition to keeping our bodies alive, we can use the subconscious brain for other tasks as well. You probably have already done that many times without realizing it. Have you ever walked away from a problem you couldn’t get past, potentially getting quite frustrated in the process because your mind couldn’t figure it out? You might have walked away angry like I sometimes do, and just go do something else for a while.

I get frustrated (or “passionate” about something) all the time. I like to go for a walk with my dog, just to get some fresh air. And then, right when I’m picking up my dog’s waste, the solution just comes to me. Like a light bulb is suddenly turned on. That’s the power of the subconscious mind at work. While I was off doing something else, my mind continued to work on the problem I thought I had left behind, like a computer program running in the background. When it figured it out, it send me a quick notification to alert me, and inform me of the result of all the hard work it did on my behalf while I was off walking my dog.

When knowing this, you can use your subconscious brain to your advantage by sometimes just letting go of a problem. Allow your brain to do the work, and the solution might just get presented to you when you least expect it.

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