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Breaking Free And Finding Happiness Breaking Free And Finding Happiness
When I was writing my Happiness book, the core message I wanted to share was learning not to “get away”, escape and binge travel. Finding... Breaking Free And Finding Happiness

When I was writing my Happiness book, the core message I wanted to share was learning not to “get away”, escape and binge travel. Finding happiness is easier said than done. Too often, I used travel as an escape from a life I didn’t even like in the first place. When travelling, I felt less confined by time, money or location. I could do whatever I wanted, I could spend some extra cash I had saved up, and go wherever I wanted to go. Yet after coming home my stress levels quickly spiked back to where they were before I had left.

Instead of tacky souvenirs, I wanted to take that experience of freedom home with me. I became passionate about implementing my “traveling lifestyle” right at home, reconnect with my passions and live a meaningful life – and sharing what I learned through the work I do today.

Finding Happiness

That sounds great looking back, but of course my story didn’t start at that end result. Part of my life story is that after I moved to Canada I initially rolled into a career that I wasn’t excited about. I burned myself out doing things I didn’t care about, which eventually resulted in being diagnosed with depression. To get away from that and return to finding happiness, I left everything behind again and went out on my own creative journey.

That dream initially turned into a nightmare as well. Turns out you can burn yourself out doing what you love, too.

Religious people are afraid to go to hell. Spiritual people have already been there. ~ Les Brown

Does any of that sound familiar at all? My book about Happiness is (of course) about finding happiness, but really a book about work. Because for a lot of people work doesn’t equate to happiness at all – and I’ve dedicated my work to help fix that.

To fix my own dream-turned-nightmare I tried hard to find my passion – not realizing it was right in front of me all the time. For years I had been overthinking my passion, but the one thing I’ve kept doing all the time was right in front of me all along: travel.

Fast forward: today

A job can be just a job. But once you find your true calling, things are different. Today I wear many different hats – all linked to the central theme of travel as a main ingredient of my lifestyle. To me, the theme of travel is central to everything I do. Many times, this means reverse-engineering a lifestyle that I can be excited about. Not everything may be in direct alignment with your goals, but in one way or another what you do every single do should (and will) contribute to the reality your experiencing.

Uncovering your true passion starts with honouring your preferences on a small scale. What do you have a slight preference for today that you would like to do? Are you doing that thing already, whatever it may be? Or does it require a small change, a small step in a different direction to alter your reality. If so, I encourage you to make that change and do something good for yourself today.

Life Can Be Amazing

In my new online workshop, the Break Free Xperience, we’ll cover some of the most powerful principles from the bestselling Freedom Project book series: the inner workings of applying the science behind “the Secret” Law of Attraction, tools to pursue your biggest dreams, living life on your terms, and yes – finding happiness.

The goal of the program is to explore new options and experiences to optimize the results you’re seeing in your life. This will help you to get clarity and achieve your most important life and business goals. Through a seven week guided experience, you’ll discover practical steps on how you can easily live the life you want, increase your passion, reduce stress and fall in love with your life all over again. All centralized on the theme of travel, exploring new experiences, and finding happiness in everything you do.

I went through this training myself a couple of years ago and it changed my life… I’m excited to share some of these concepts with you. Just imagine…. what will you be able to accomplish after learning and implementing the powerful principles from this new training I’ve built for you? See for yourself. Life can be amazing. Just listening to the music tracks we’ve selected for the Break Free Xperience will put you in a better mood and that’s already a step closer to your goals…

You can start with a complimentary preview of the program by clicking the link below:

Break Free Xperience Preview

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