A Modern Day Disease That Has Gone Viral

So I guess I slacked off a bit in writing on my new blog. I got busy.

So I guess I slacked off a bit in writing on my blog and creating new podcasts the last month. I got “busy”, I told myself. Aren’t we all? Busy with all sorts of things that fill up our calendars. Meetings, phone calls, emails – they never end, it seems. And we all complain about it, but yet seem to get a real sense of importance out of our “busy-ness”. Busyness has become a “disease” our modern day society is battling with, and it’s gone viral. To fix the problem we ignore the things that matter most (like writing on this blog), or responding to emails (it seems that whenever I ask a difficult question on email it either gets ignored or responded to with a generic “PFO” message). And those are exactly the symptoms of unnecessary busyness: being rude, and inconsiderate.

Art PrintsTim Ferriss was definitely right in his book when he said there’s just too much time available (40 hours a week, if not more) that we all widely abuse by filling it with unproductive meetings, emails, coffee walks (my personal favourite). But yet we forget what’s really important, the things that matter most. The stuff that actually adds real value, and makes a difference. Like writing on this blog (right?), staying involved (not just “in touch”) with family and friends, and whatever else it is that the voice in your heart tells you is truly important. You know what it is, and what isn’t.

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