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Dechristmassifying Dechristmassifying
It’s early January and it’s all over. My favourite holiday has come to an end. Which is not a sad thing really. I’ve started... Dechristmassifying

It’s early January and it’s all over. My favourite holiday has come to an end. Which is not a sad thing really. I’ve started my countdown to next Christmas already. I actually love taking down all the Christmas decorations. I like to go all out for the holidays, and then pack it all back in on one big day of New Years cleanup. And that’s really what it is – after a time of reflecting on the old year, and setting goals for the new it’s time to get going and clean up ship.

Often we hold onto mistakes from the past. In business, going nearly bankrupt wasn’t something I wanted to experience ever again, and as a result I became afraid I would. Holding on to that fear limited my ability to break away and learn from that experience. Dr. John Demartini says, “What you think about (and thank about), you bring about”. His statement is clear: the thoughts you hold in your mind will become a reality in your life. And that doesn’t work for good things exclusively, it works for any thought, no matter whether we think it’s good or bad, or whether we want it or not. If my predominant thought is based on fear, that fear will somehow find a way to actualize itself in my life.


In order to get rid of the past, you’ll have to deal with it, let it go and move on. That means forgiving people that have done you wrong. Forgiveness is a touchy subject that has filled up many books (if not libraries) already. All I’ll say here is that forgiveness doesn’t mean you’ll have to trust anyone or let him or her back into your life. Forgiving someone is something you do for yourself first of all, as it allows you to let go of the negative emotions associated with an event, and then move on with your life. Depending on what those issues are, you might very well want to consult the help of a professional, like a certified life coach, therapist or a trusted friend who has the experience to help you out.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery

Have you ever heard the saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, and today is a gift: that’s why they call it the present.” It invites us to be here, now. Letting go of the past doesn’t mean skipping over the now and leaning all the way forward into the future, thinking “tomorrow” everything will be better. Happiness is not a destination; happiness is the journey. The goal is not to become happy eventually, to end up in paradise or heaven at some point in the future or maybe even after death. The goal is to live a meaningful, fulfilled life today.

It took me many years to fully implement it and even though I’m probably not quite there yet, I am definitely on my way and happy where I am today – doing what I love and inspiring others to do the same through the work I do. It really is a wonderful world. Stop looking at your past; you don’t live there anymore. Hakuna Matata.


Happiness, the sequel to the #1 international best seller The Freedom Project: Travel, is really a book about work. Which for a lot of people doesn’t equate to happiness. That’s why this book is an unusual book about work. And that’s why you’ll want a copy of it – because in the end, everybody wants happiness.


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WILKO VAN DE KAMP is the author of #1 international best seller The Freedom Project and several other books and e-books. He's also an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. His inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. He calls the Canadian Rocky Mountains his home, and the rest of the world his office. He has been capturing our wonderful planet, and it's beautiful inhabitants, for more than half his life. Wilko has spent his life traveling the world to capture awe-inspiring images for those who wouldn't see them otherwise, and to inspire others to embark on their journey of a lifetime. Through his art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker he enjoys sharing his colorful experiences with the world. Visit him online at