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Feeling Lonely And Thought It Was Just You? Yeah, Me Too Feeling Lonely And Thought It Was Just You? Yeah, Me Too
Feeling lonely and thought it was just you? Yeah, me too. But the loneliness epidemic we’re facing is real, and things are getting worse.... Feeling Lonely And Thought It Was Just You? Yeah, Me Too

Feeling lonely and thought it was just you? Yeah, me too. But the loneliness epidemic we’re facing is real, and things are getting worse. A global pandemic didn’t help the situation. Neither did social media. Everybody has some form of pain. You can think and even look like you’re the most happiest, successful person – that doesn’t mean your life is sorted. We all have a purpose to express ourselves, and when we’re not able to do that in a meaningful way to others, we can end up feeling empty and depressed.

Where do you belong?

Learning to manage the pain of loneliness is essential to reconnecting to your passion and purpose in life. We cannot discover our purpose when we keep a lid on our feelings. It’s not about ignoring your feelings and pushing forward, but to recognize and take care of yourself. Imagine that your feelings are a child within. If you ignore this child – by ignoring your feelings – this child feels abandoned, adding to your loneliness. Our refusal to feel and take responsibility for our own pain results in anxiety, depression, or feeling empty. Mental and physical fitness are not separate but part of the same whole body. We cannot manage loneliness from our mind alone. The only way of overcoming loneliness is to create a deep and personal connection to our environment and create a sense of belonging.

Belonging brings meaning to your life. It creates a sense of safety and being at home, in a place where you belong. You can decide to open to and learn from your feelings of loneliness rather than continue to shut them down. And you will open to these feelings only when you do not feel alone inside. Be honest about what’s going on. Be vulnerable and give back. Opening to your feelings will bring you the fullness, joy, passion and purpose that you’ve been missing for so long.

What works – and what doesn’t

If you won’t respond to text or email, then tell me – why are we “connected” on social media? It’s almost like having a list of “friends” and “connections” at our fingertips have made friendship a commodity. When someone crosses my mind during the day, I don’t need to send a message or call that person to connect with them, I can just look them up online. Or, even worse, I can let social media algorithms decide who I hear from by just mindlessly scrolling my newsfeed. Remember no matter what you post or who you message on social media – there’s a real person on the other end. Let’s end the social media fakery and connect human to human. 

“But when you are looking on anyone as a friend when you do not trust him as you trust yourself, you are making a grave mistake, and have failed to grasp sufficiently the full force of true friendship.” ~Seneca

So let’s stop the madness of social media algorithms, bots and automation – they have a use, but a robot will never get you closer to another human being. Cheers to the ones who reach out. Who say hello first. Respond to messages. Who let you know that no matter how you feel today, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

How are you doing?

How are you really doing? It’s a sincere question.

I’m building a closer community – outside of social media. If you’d like to connect, please let me know and text me at 587-417-2697. That’s really me, no bots, algorithms or automation. I’d love to hear from you.

Full disclosure: I’ve felt pretty lonely and isolated throughout this pandemic. The end is near… but if anyone wants to connect just text me and say hello. Tell me how you’re really doing. Let’s just connect as human beings to human beings. I’m not here to sell you on anything. I also don’t like spending my day in “back to back” meetings and zoom “strategy” calls. I’d just like to hear from you and connect. Texting for me is perfect for that. If you agree, or are at least a little bit curious – let me know what’s up for you. Or just say hello.


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