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Five life lessons from my Happiness book to help you live a more balanced life Five life lessons from my Happiness book to help you live a more balanced life
A few weeks ago my new Happiness book was released, and quickly became a number one hot release on Amazon - which proved that... Five life lessons from my Happiness book to help you live a more balanced life

A few years ago my new Happiness book was released, and quickly became a number one hot release on Amazon – which proved that sharing happiness brings happiness 🙂 In this article I’ll be sharing five life lessons from my book The Freedom Project: Happiness to help you live a more balanced life.

Force yourself to separate work and personal life

Your ability to do a good job at work depends on whether or not you have a home life that refreshes and restores you. If you cannot stop thinking about the projects you have to complete after leaving the office, try to create a mental filing cabinet. It will allow you to sit down, open it, deal with your work worries, and then store them away. Force yourself to mentally close the cabinet and do something else. You can try this on Fridays before leaving the office or each night at a certain time. The most important thing is to lock the cabinet before attempting to direct your attention to something less stressful.

Avoid multitasking except while being at the office

A rather usual bad tactic is subconsciously taking work habits (especially multitasking) home. Do you ever find yourself washing dishes or tidying up your living room while phoning a friend or checking your e-mails? Living everyday with so much on the go has resulted in constant multitasking, even when you should be relaxing. Although some consider this as a normal routine, our bodies do not. In order to balance work, play, and rest, try to write down five ways work blends into your free time, and select one to focus on. If for example you tend to check your e-mails every hour while at home, cut back initially by half and then more until you get it down to once a night. By transforming mindless habits into conscious choices, you will limit your body’s stress and gain control over your free time during the day or night.

Socialize outside your work

To lead a more fulfilling personal life, expand your exposure to people you do not work with. Otherwise, you will constantly be pushed into the role you play while being at the office. Meet your friends, get out more often, sign up for a photography class (even if it’s just online you can “meet” and interact with your fellow students!), join the gym or volunteer your services for a cause you believe in. Meeting people and exchanging ideas is a healthy way of finding the necessary balance within and gradually advance your abilities and social skills.

Stop talking about work

People tend to develop social circles and share common experiences. When these circles are familiar or only come from your work industry, try to avoid spending all your free time talking about issues that you would normally discuss during a lunch brake. Introduce new subjects and direct the conversation towards new issues of interest. Photography, arts, politics, and travel, can be very exciting subjects for your friends to dive into and by the end of the evening you will appreciate the fact that you learned something that was both entertaining and relaxing.

Your home is your sanctuary

To prevent work from invading your home, create a personal project that will keep you busy but at the same time help you relax and recharge. You can gain a lot from writing, painting, cooking a special dinner for your friends or investing time to start a home-improvement project. Invent new ways of keeping yourself active and your body and mind will thank you for having diverse interests.

Who do you know that could use a little more balance and happiness in their life? Get them a copy of my Happiness book, available now worldwide on Amazon. For those who live in Canada: the book is also available on Amazon Canada and ships for free!

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