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Getting Unstuck From Your Life And Defeating Stress Getting Unstuck From Your Life And Defeating Stress
Want to get unstuck from your life? Defeat stress? Achieve your goals and live a more balanced life? All stresses are registered at the... Getting Unstuck From Your Life And Defeating Stress

Want to get unstuck from your life? Defeat stress? Achieve your goals and live a more balanced life?

All stresses are registered at the level of two basic instincts: being eaten or starvation. There are only two sources of stress:

  • the inability to adapt to a changing environment, often that’s the perception of loss of that what you seek.
  • the perception of gain of that what you try to avoid. In essence this one is about avoiding the predator and seeking prey.

Humans have added upon those two with additional expressions but it boils down to one of those two sources of stress. Take a moment and pick a stressor in your life and see which one of the categories it falls into.

High and Low Values

Human behaviour is tied to values. Every human being has a set of priorities. Thing that are the most (or least) important that you’re running your life by. For high-value-values (to you), you’re intrinsically inspired to take action, without external motivation needed. As you go down the list of value you require more and more extrinsic motivation to do it.

The external motivation is used in corporations, religions, and other settings to make people behave in a way that’s most desired in that cultural setting. Motivation then is just a symptom; inspiration is a solution. This is why I refuse to call myself a motivational speaker. I’d much rather be referred to as an inspirational speaker.

Bottom line: If you’re not inspired you’re missing out in life. If you don’t fill your day with high value action that inspires you, you’ll fill your day with low values. Those low values are supposed to be delegated (to someone who regards them as high value) or deleted (if they’re a waste of time, period).

Get Yourself A Millionaire Mindset

Get unstuck from your day-to-day reality by adding additional options to your life. I don’t recommend anyone quitting their job to “follow the dream”. Instead, create unlimited abundance by adding something new and implementing money success principles of the rich and wealthy. Many people are looking for financial freedom, but don’t truly understand money and how financial systems work. Most people have a love / hate relationship with money. It’s time to change that. It’s time to take control of your financial life. Free up your time and resources to do those things you love most.



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This post is based upon notes taken during a public talk by one of my dear friends, mentors and coaches: Dr John Demartini.

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Love 2.0

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