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Half-sweet please! (at least) Half-sweet please! (at least)
Last time I ordered my favourite Turkey Bacon Club sandwich I requested it to be made with white bread, instead of the default whole... Half-sweet please! (at least)

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Last time I ordered my favourite Turkey Bacon Club sandwich I requested it to be made with white bread, instead of the default whole grain. I got a look as if I was committing a health crime, and with a similar snarky tone I was informed that “we don’t carry white bread”. A place where ordering your coffee with double Cream and double Sugar is something standard makes a problem out of serving me my preferred white bread. A sandwich loaded with processed meat, processed cheese, processed sauce and (drum roll) unprocessed healthy lettuce, but I can’t get it on white bread anymore because that would be unhealthy. What has happened to the world?

I like baking and cooking, and often make my own breads. Being European, eating bread is just something that’s part of my DNA. Some diets say bread makes you fat. I’m not disputing that, but I do wonder if it has to do with the breads, or the ingredients we choose to put in or on it.

When I bake cookies, cakes, or (the recent favourite) make ice cream all recipes have one thing in common: they call for sugar, and lots of it. When I follow the ice cream recipe of my all-time favourite European chef, Jamie Oliver, his custard based ice cream recipe calls for about 6 tablespoons of sugar. A North American version of a similar custard based ice cream called for the equivalent of 16 tablespoons of sugar. Another recipe for a mango sorbet called for 2 cups of sugar. That’s abut 32 table spoons, according to my personal assistant Siri.

The amount I used? None whatsoever. The natural sweetness of the mangoes I used was perfect, just by itself. It’s all about picking the right ingredients. The same applies for pretty much any recipe – cakes, cookies, bread, even pasta sauces. And we wonder why obesity affects more and more people. So Tim, while you get your priorities back in order can I please have my white bread, just because I like it? Thank you.

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