How To Increase Your Quality of Life – Even During Covid19

How are you doing in terms of “Covid fatigue”? Whether we like it or not, living through a pandemic has a significant impact on our lives, and as such on our quality of life. What was normal before, isn’t anymore today. And that’s been going on for a while now. Even though businesses are re-opening, the “new normal” is far from normal for most people.

As a previously-frequent-traveler, I’m starting to go a little stir crazy by now. Despite that, I’m continuing to take the cautious approach. With a lethal virus going around, I can afford not to go out for dinner, or to the gym, for a few months. But it’s getting harder as time goes by. While I don’t care much for restaurants or bars when I’m at home, I do when I’m travelling – and that’s what I miss the most. Every once in a while, I drive by the airport on my motorcycle to just see the planes, smell the kerosine, and feel happy when there’s still a little bit of activity around the runways, albeit mostly cargo compared to how things were before.

While I believe that we will travel again, what can we do in the meantime to improve the quality of our life?

Asking The Difficult Questions

The quality of your life depends on the level of the questions you ask. With a high degree of our “normal” removed, this may be an opportunity to evaluate what’s left. What would you consider bringing back to your life, and what stays out?

Your sense of fulfillment in life comes from the degree of freedom you give yourself to live your authentic life. What makes you happy? What do you miss the most right now? What do you (not) care for? The greatest way to make a difference is to just be your authentic self. Write your story by transforming your fantasies into true objectives. There’s no shame in going after what you truly want in life, especially now.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

Take Control Of Your Day

Acting on either impulse or instinct means someone else is running your life for you. It’s like living in your email inbox all day: you’re constantly responding to other people’s wants and desires for you. Brendon Burchard called the email inbox “other people’s agenda”. I couldn’t agree more – and often ignore my emails for days on end, responding to important inquiries only once a week, and leave the rest to my assistant.

A hard knock in life is trying to smash your addictions to fantasies: shake things up a bit, so you evaluate your options and have the opportunity to make a new choice, if you wish. The Covid19 pandemic is no different: it forces our over-optimized, over-crowded world to rethink a few things and literally create some space in our days. Cramming extra seats in airplanes was a bad idea to begin with, and leaving that middle seat empty was long overdue anyway.

Stress is a nothing more but a feedback mechanism, and if it’s perceived as such, stress is really not that bad. Neither are the events that you think are causing stress today. As long as you do something about it, they are NOT really hard. They’re balanced events, part of your life. And that’s ok. Not going to the gym, or restaurants, or even traveling altogether, is ok for a while.

Focus On What Matters, Now

Because we’re addicted to our fantasies a stressor SEEMS like a nightmare. The Covid19 pandemic is a nightmare for many reasons, but as long as you’re healthy and your life is not in danger, everything else becomes a relative inconvenience that you can do something about. You can make a different choice to shake up old habits.

If you live by your highest values in the reality of today, your mind handles those perceived negative events a lot better. Your brain is programmed to do exactly that. Instead of reacting, be intentional: Set your life goals with preparation and foresight, instead of getting smacked and having to learn by hindsight all the time.

Going through life you have supporters and challengers, both in terms of events and people that you encounter. Maximum growth and development occurs on the border of support and challenge. The purpose of marriage is not happiness – it’s to help you find authenticity. Supporters and challengers are in sync with one another but you’re unaware of it as you have a subjective bias towards what you think you like or want to achieve. A truly objective perspective allows you to see both sides at the same time. That’s a behavior that can be learned. As Paul Lowe says, remain present, and “be here now“.

In going after what you want in implementing your “new normal”, don’t compare yourself to others, but compare to your own dreams. Get used to ridicule and opposition until you fulfill yourself and create a new paradigm. You’re not going to escape the challenge in life. Nothing is escapable. But you can transform those events, respond to them differently, and turn them into something meaningful that inspires you. Be the shepherd, not the sheep.

The question you want to ask yourself:

Whatever is happening to me today, how is that helping me fulfill my highest value?

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This post is loosely based upon notes taken during a public talk by one of my dear friends, mentors and coaches: Dr John Demartini, with added perspective in light of the current global situation.

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