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Ignorance is bliss Ignorance is bliss
Dear neighbors. Ignorance is bliss

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Dear neighbors. Since when are”playing kids” equivalent to “screaming” – and me wondering if I should phone family services. When I used to play outside as a kid and I would start to think the amount of noise we produced was a legitimate indicator of the amount of fun we were having, my mom would strongly object against those assumptions. A firm “be quiet” would set us back on the right track.

Her approach to parenting seems to have grown out of date. When I’m working in my home office (at the front of the house) I sometimes do wonder if the neighbourhood children (playing in the back of their house) are doing ok. The amount of screaming might indicate, from a layman’s perspective, they are not. There’s a wonderful book written on Screamfree Parenting, which must be popular with some houses on my street since the parents have stopped screaming and moved that trait onto their offspring. It still leaves me wonder whether they are ok, but it seems the more fun they’re having the louder it gets.

I have to admit – I don’t have any kids, except my beloved fur babies. While I seriously love hearing kids play, and have entertained and educated large groups of them in a previous life, the fact I can’t peacefully sip a glass of wine outside some days annoys me a little. How is it that others people’s life choice to not use birth control somehow becomes my problem? Luckily, in addition to wine I also love music, and my active subwoofer. Sometimes you just gotta turn the music up and ignore the world and people around you. Ignorance is bliss.

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