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Living in Canada? Tired of International Shipping Fees? Living in Canada? Tired of International Shipping Fees?
Living in Canada, I'm frustrated with the high cost of shipping my online purchases to my home. Likelihood of getting a free book AND... Living in Canada? Tired of International Shipping Fees?

Full disclosure. The other day I got in trouble. For a select group of my students, I offered a free book gift with their online course purchase. The catch? Shipping fees weren’t included (sorry). While I did pay personally for the books, incurring additional shipping costs unfortunately was out of my budget. I don’t control international mail companies (as of today, that is). As much as I’d like to offer free shipping, sending books around the world often proves to be tricky, especially when there’s some weight to the book you’re trying to send.

My students comments, actually based in India by the way, did struck a chord with me. Living in Canada myself, I’m often frustrated with the high cost of shipping my online purchases to my current home base. Likelihood of getting a free book AND free shipping? Honestly, slim to none. I’m sorry to limit your options, but take your pick. If you want me to pay for both your book and your international shipping cost, you might need a reality check. But if you’re like me, and fed up with shipping fees, have a read through the below.

Recently, I needed one of my online purchases shipped to me ASAP. The order was for dietary supplement, if you must now. Due to my travel schedule I was running low, and needed additional supply on short notice. I ordered a new bottle of supplements from the airport departure lounge while waiting for my flight home, and got the delivery the next day when I arrived home. The trick? I took advantage of Amazon’s free trial on their Prime membership. Again, full disclosure, I was fully intending on cancelling my free one-month trial membership once I got home.

When I arrived home, my delivery was waiting for me at my front door. How convenient. It suddenly dawned on me that there was a real value here. The free next-day shipping blew me away. Much like my Indian student, I hate paying international shipping fees on top of my online purchase with a passion. Especially when you live in Canada, these shipping fees add up over the course of a year. More than once, the cost of shipping might exceed the purchase value of what you’re actually trying to buy. It’s one of those things I’ve learned the hard way building a life in Canada.

Attempting to game the shipping system, I often ship orders to one of the hotels I’ll be staying in over the next few months. It’s a great way to dodge shipping fees and customs complications, especially if you’re travelling a lot. But having discovered Prime, I’m reconsidering my shipping scheme. The ability to have most of the things I buy online anyway delivered the very next day without paying any shipping fees puts an $79 annual membership in an entirely new perspective.

Either way, give it a try for free today on the next thing you order today. Maybe one of my books. Have them shipped for free, just select a free one month trial of Amazon Prime during checkout. See what other benefits you get from your membership during your free month and decide for yourself if it’s worth it. If not, just cancel as I was originally intending on doing. But I’m converted. I’m enjoying the free one-day shipping just a little too much – and I don’t mind the additional benefits (listed below), either. Happy shopping!

Try Amazon Prime


Benefits currently included in Prime

  • Prime Video – Watch and download Amazon Originals
  • Prime Music – Stream over one million songs, and hundreds of playlists and stations.
  • Prime Photos – Free unlimited photo storage with anywhere access.
  • Shipping Benefits – FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items. For most Canadian cities, one-day shipping is included as well.
  • Twitch Prime – Ad-free Twitch viewing, Twitch subscription credits, and more.
  • Member Exclusive Discounts – Your discount applies to pre-orders for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS and more.
  • Early Access to Deals – Get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on
Try Amazon Prime


Easiest way, to give Prime a try for free today os to order one of my paperback books on Amazon and select a free one month trial of Amazon Prime during checkout. If you don’t like the benefits, just enjoy the free shipping on your order. As long as you cancel within you free month trial, you don’t pay anything. Sounds good? I thought so. Happy shopping.

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