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Take full responsibility for your own life Take full responsibility for your own life
Earlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Jack Canfield, the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Success... Take full responsibility for your own life

jack canfieldEarlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Jack Canfield, the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Success Principles. After working with Canfield, I felt inspired to write my second book in The Freedom Project series sooner than planned. I also wanted share some of the Success Principles I learned right here with you. Today the first principle, which states that there is only one person who is 100% responsible for your life: you.

If we want to be successful in life, we first have to take total responsibility for our lives. We’re responsible for all our successes and failures, health, relationships, financial situation, our feelings and everything else.

It is you who has created the life you’re living today, so you have take full responsibility for it. Only by taking full responsibility, you put yourself in the driver’s seat to achieve things that are important to you and change your life for the better.

To really take 100% responsibility for our lives, we must stop blaming others for our problems and failures. We have created our current situations by our thoughts and activities so there is no reason to blame anybody. We can only blame ourself, but that is also useless because the past is the past; we can’t change it. But now we can use this knowledge to create our future and get the results we want. This is based on the formula: E+R=O (Event +Response = Outcome). The formula says that every outcome we experience in life (good or bad) is the result of how we responded to an event in our lives.

E+R=O (Event +Response = Outcome)

In similar situations, people react differently. Some are successful, some are not. By responding in a different way, we can get different results. Trying to change the event that we blame for our failures, is often impossible. Instead, we have to change our response to the event in order to get the results we’re after. We don’t have control over a lot of the events in our lives, but we have control over our responses. We can change our thinking, our behavior, and our communication. We can also change our old habits into the new, better ones.

Jack Canfield states that “Everything you experience in life – both internally and externally – is the result of how you have responded to a previous event”. Everything you experience today is the result of the choices you made in the past. You have control over your thoughts, the images you hold in your mind and your actions. So to change your life you’ll need to change the things under your control to positive ones. If you keep your negative responses from the past you’ll keep getting the same negative results. Is today the day to stop complaining and blaming others for bad results and take full responsibility for your life?


This post is based on Success Principle #1. I’ve learned about the success principles from my friend and mentor Jack Canfield, and in this post I shared some of the things he thought me. In the 10th anniversary edition of his book “The Success Principles”, Jack Canfield presents the sixty-seven principles which, if learned and practiced, can help everyone to realize their goals.

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