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The Contradiction Of Love And Freedom The Contradiction Of Love And Freedom
Have you ever seen the popular “game over” stag T-shirt? It’s available in many different designs and versions now, but originally the shirt started... The Contradiction Of Love And Freedom

Have you ever seen the popular “game over” stag T-shirt? It’s available in many different designs and versions now, but originally the shirt started with the silhouette of a groom wearing a ball and chain beside his new bride. “Game over”, the caption said. Love and freedom are opposing ideas, which don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, unlike the newly married couple. In some variations of the shirt the groom would be even depicted with a frowning face, while the bride is smiling. Is this how we’re collectively thinking about marriage?

Love and Freedom

In the human mind, freedom is relative to your current situation. Our dualistic mind thinks the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. In my Happiness book I explored the common misperception that freedom in a career comes from being an entrepreneur instead of an employee. We all think we want to work for ourselves instead of working for someone else. I’ve been depressed, stressed and burned out on both sides of that often-debated fence. Many people climb to the top of their career ladder, only to find out the ladder was against the wrong wall by the time they made it nearly all the way there.

The true concept of freedom is an absolute. Freedom doesn’t have any conditions. True freedom is without compromise, and has no fear. Freedom means you don’t make concessions, and don’t settle. How free do you feel today? Is there any compromise, or electric fence in your life? If so, take care of it, or stop complaining about it. You are as free as you allow yourself to be. Ultimately, it’s a yes or no question. No need for an electric fence, or other arbitrary provisions.

This too shall pass

People, myself included, are afraid of losing their partner. They might die, or go away. Eventually everybody dies, or goes away. “This too shall pass” is a saying I’ve relied on to get through difficult times in my life. Originally a Persian saying, it reflects on the temporary nature of our life in general: good and bad.

Maybe you woke up feeling depressed today. For a long time I did, and told myself, “I know things will happen today, become clearer and help with the next steps. By end of this day I will feel better.” Although it took a little longer, eventually that too did pass.

Everything is fleeting, the good things will pass, and the bad things will pass. The key is to accept life as it is, in this moment. Freedom is maximized when you’re living right here, in the now. Adjust and adapt yourself to situations as much as you can. No matter what it is, this too shall pass. True freedom is to be one hundred percent okay with that. Today is a brand new day, and now is a brand new moment.

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