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The economy of birds The economy of birds
My life’s story so far has seen several chapters where I’ve thrown out everything familiar in an attempt to get rid of things I... The economy of birds

My life’s story so far has seen several chapters where I’ve thrown out everything familiar in an attempt to get rid of things I didn’t like anymore. Leaving Europe behind and relocating to Canada at age 26 was just one of those. It wasn’t from a dissatisfaction with life in Europe (at all), but from a pull to something bigger. In looking for change, I think it should always be the reasons that pull you elsewhere that will sustain a change, not the reasons that push you away.

If we’re unhappy with the life we’re living that will lead to unhappiness, depression and stress – all very common in our Western society. In research for my upcoming Happiness book I’ve found that 75-85% (!) of people are unhappy with the work they’re doing. Yet we spend so much of our time at work, continuing to keep the “broken” Western economy running. We keep a job we don’t like to be able to pay for the mortgage, credit cards and car payments – and keep upgrading and upsizing our cars and homes keeping us stuck forever in a vicious circle of unhappy jobs. At the same time, those jobs keep the corporations running that destroy our planet’s environment, as well as our physical and mental health. If the entire workforce decided on Monday morning to not go to work anymore, we’d end up in a crisis but eventually things would have to change…

There’s a story that says birds having an economy too, just like humans do. Birds don’t need money to keep their economy alive. Humans don’t really need money, either. If everyone was to give up on the idea of exchanging and pumping around money and just did what they loved most for free – we’d probably have a pretty flourishing artisan economy (once the initial shock wears off). It’s a simplistic idea, but give it some thought.

Personally, I’ve left the corporate world a while back. The short video below is a brief summary of my vision for the work I do.

Feature image by Creative Windmill Photography


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