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The perfect response to: How would you like that cooked? The perfect response to: How would you like that cooked?
A recent corporate event reminded me of one of those typical Christmas parties: organized with all the best of intentions I'm sure, but despite... The perfect response to: How would you like that cooked?

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I don’t usually write about food – the last article about eating like a local when traveling is dated a few months back already. But after a recent corporate event I was invited to, I wanted to share some thoughts. It reminded me of one of those typical Christmas parties. Organized with all the best of intentions I’m sure, but despite all the jolly Christmas feelings (infused by the typical open bar) it typically makes me want to quit my job (figuratively speaking, that is, in case I had an actual job). I’m sure the ugly Christmas sweater was invented at one of those – just to make a statement.

When the time comes to order dinner, I usually go for a steak. Not because I’m a big fan of steak. Quite the contrary. I hardly ever cook steak at home, and definitely don’t eat meat everyday. I’m a part time vegetarian, you could say. But when I go out for dinner I enjoy having things I don’t usually (or easily) cook at home. Have you ever gone out for a steak? What’s the next question that usually follows? Right: “How would you like that cooked?”  And you’re expected to answer that with a whole bunch of assumptions. Such as that the chef in the back knows what he is doing. Nine out of ten times sadly enough he doesn’t and I’m presented with a piece of shoe leather that had the life cooked out of it. For someone who doesn’t really like steak to begin with, that completely ruins the experience. So I’ve learned my lesson. I now order my steak rare – it’s the only way to go. If the chef doesn’t know what he is doing you ensure he only touches it for the absolute bare minimum – decreasing his chances to ruin it. And even if he does, you end up with a medium (on average) as most restaurants will horribly overlook even a steak that was ordered rare. Which, for the record, should be bright pink throughout.

In the rare occasion the chef does know what he’s doing you’ll be in for a treat as they’ll present you with a prime piece of meat, which, in my preference is grilled to perfection.

Bon appetit. 🙂

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