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The Story We Tell About Ourselves The Story We Tell About Ourselves
So often we end up comparing ourselves to "others". When we compare we always lose, and put someone else on a pedestal. We look... The Story We Tell About Ourselves

So often we end up comparing ourselves to “others”. When we compare we always lose, and put someone else on a pedestal. We look up to our idols, our icons, our heroes. In comparison to them we tend to focus on the qualities that they have, and we do not.

Yet every “successful” or even famous person I’ve met and spoken to has their own personal struggle with areas of their lives they don’t always share publicly. When they share their story for a larger audience, they tend to focus on their accomplishments, not their struggles. We only see a part of their story – which is the part they choose to share, the story they choose to tell. It’s not an untrue story, it’s just a focus they use to look even more successful to us.

The difference with our personal story is that we know every detail about it: the good, the bad and the ugly. Yet we can learn from those we look up to by telling our story in a positive light. We have the ability to allow ourselves to make a different choice about what story we’re telling. You’ll never know who’s looking up to you today – you might just inspire them to do something good for themselves, and the world. More importantly: energy flows where attention goes. By the story you tell you can attract more of what you share into your life, and do well for yourself, and the people you love. Changing the world, and changing the story, starts with you.

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