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Time Management: Give A Little, Get A Lot Time Management: Give A Little, Get A Lot
This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy,... Time Management: Give A Little, Get A Lot

This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy, just click here.

Kathy has a problem. She has a huge project proposal due on Wednesday. However, her daughter, Tina, has dance practice this afternoon. Fido (the dog) has to stay on his feeding schedule (he’s lactose intolerant), and she has to have her suit dry cleaned in time for a presentation this Thursday. Her car is due for an oil change, and the grocery shopping has not been done for the week. The todo list seems to never end.

Kathy’s situation is not that uncommon for today’s worker. How do stressed employees (and entrepreneurs alike) deal with finding a balance between their personal and professional responsibilities? The reality is often, they don’t. On average, “professionals” are working four weeks or more each year than we were 20 years ago. It may seem like this extra time at work may benefit employers, but when you take into consideration that less and less of the workday is devoted to productive tasks, it’s worth having a closer look at how we spend our time at work.

So how can we find a way to get our balance back, so that work time becomes more productive and focused? Some human resource / employee benefit professionals have turned to concierge services to help employees get personal tasks taken care of so that their focus is on professional tasks. For a fee that ranges from $25 to $1,000 per employee, companies can have an agency come in and take care of some of the employee’s personal tasks like buying gifts, walking the dog, and more. Due to its affordability, concierge services are not limited to large corporations, but can easily be incorporated into the benefit package of any small business. It’s almost like a retake of my article “If you don’t have an assistant, you are one“.

Not sure if a concierge service will actually help your organization? According to a recent survey done by the Northeastern Human Resource Association, 86.7 percent of human resource professionals believe that a benefits package helps their company recruit and retain professionals. Almost 20 percent of those surveyed offer a concierge service as an added benefit. Many human resource professionals have weighed the cost of stress and poor health habits, which is about $10,000 per year for each employee, with the lower cost of a benefit like a concierge service.

So if you have employees like Kathy, who are overwhelmed in both their life at work and at home, maybe it is time to start looking at your benefits package to create a better work environment for your employees. The less stress your employees feel, the more productive they will be, reaping you greater returns on your investment in benefits like a concierge service. Here’s a few options:

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