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Warning labels Warning labels
Just bought new patio chairs, but I think I might have to return them. Warning labels

Just bought new patio chairs, but I think I might have to return them. They came with a warning label that indicated they can only be used to SIT on. No standing, climbing, or other activities. And only one person at a time. Boring. They also can not be machine washed. Now, since the fabric is not removable from the metal frame I had already made that assumption. My washing machine manufacturer also has it covered by making the washing machine door not large enough to fit a patio chair. Still, I always wonder if those warning labels are attached to the manufacturing process before or after someone attempted to do what is now pictured as a “thou shalt not”. Common sense is not that common anymore, after all.

Someone once told me that the society we live in is built and designed for 6 year olds, and stupid people. It’s a bit harsh, but given the labels mentioned above it does seem to have a component of truth. When did we all collectively fall asleep and stopped thinking for ourselves? Are we just blindly following (warning) signs and labels on auto-pilot, more or less safe-guarded by the beacons of stupidity on either side? And then when we burn ourselves with hot coffee (which is supposed to be hot), or kill our beloved family pet in an attempt to “dry” it in the microwave, we drag the provider of respectively coffee and microwaves to court. Because they didn’t warn us. So now my coffee comes with a label that says “careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” (which isn’t always true, by the way, as sometimes my coffee is served like-warm at best), and my microwave has a label that tells me not to dry my pet inside the device. Thanks. So now what? Of course saying “kill all stupid people” would be a bit harsh and something I would not want to advocate. It makes society even more messed up, because where would the line be drawn between “stupid” and “not stupid”. What if someone just has a bad day? It happens. So instead, how about we just remove all those pesky warning labels and let the problem solve itself. It’s Eco-friendly, too: just think of all the paper saved.

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