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Why I Put Everything In Black and White Why I Put Everything In Black and White
Heads up: I’m going to be building something new for you and it’s coming soon! The world is in a time of unprecedented change... Why I Put Everything In Black and White

Heads up: I’m going to be building something new for you and it’s coming soon! The world is in a time of unprecedented change now. Historically, times of global uncertainty and change always bring great opportunity. It’ll take a while to get everything back up and running and define what the new “normal” will look like. Stay tuned for an email with more details next week.

What I teach, and the way I work, is not for everyone. As I warn most of my new clients, I’m Dutch and therefore inherently pretty blunt. I say things as I see them, and don’t shy away from putting things more black and white to create some contrast and get a message across. On top of that I sometimes like to use colourful language to paint a picture even more vivid. Put a photographic artist in a management consulting role, and you’re in for a ride. I work with colour, and achieve results.

Support does not require interference. My goal is not to upset anyone, but to chip away the disillusions. There’s no negotiation when you communicate in absolutes. The perception of events that are highly polarized are life’s hard knocks. It’s what’s causing stress, depression and anxiety.

Breaking Free

Maybe it’s also your turn to move on to the next best thing. To support you do that, the curriculum of the brand new Break Free Xperience is available now so you can see for yourself what’s inside this life-changing new program. Get ready for a SEVEN week experiential learning experience. You can complete this program at your own pace with new content added every week for 7 weeks! No stone will be left unturned in creating the best learning experience – including movies, music, reading, listening, interactive exercises and much more. There’s even some yoga and qigong… amazing.

You can expect 1-2 hours of video learning each week plus additional resources and assignments to practice your learnings right away and implement the change you wish to see as you go along. Not enrolled yet? Start today with a complimentary preview and view the first lesson at no cost to you.

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This post is loosely based on some previously unpublished notes taken while writing my critically acclaimed book about Love. It’s a story about connecting to the different circles of influence in your life, and the people that make up those circles. Click here to read what international bestselling author Dr John Demartini had to say about my latest Freedom Project book: Love 2.0.

Love 2.0


Meanwhile – don’t be a stranger. Please stay in touch and keep me posted on your journey! Text me: 587-417-2697

Last but not least: the featured image for this post is the front of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. You can find it on my fine art photography site.

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