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Why I Wrote A Book About Love And Relationships Why I Wrote A Book About Love And Relationships
An author, who wrote a book about travel hacking, and then another one about happiness at work, now comes forward with a book about... Why I Wrote A Book About Love And Relationships

An author, who wrote a book about travel hacking, and then another one about happiness at work, now comes forward with a book about love. I’m not denying it’s strange. Even more curious is tying the topic of Love to a book series about Freedom. Most people don’t associate love with freedom. More and more people choose, or so they say, to be single. They enjoy the freedom it brings them. Why this book?

Let’s go a few years back in time. In the fall of 2015 I released my book about Happiness, not expecting that within 24 hours from sharing “Happiness”, mine would be taken away. Sometimes what you really want doesn’t happen, and what you didn’t expect does. Depression and loneliness were on my horizon, together with doubt, fear and a whirlwind of other emotions. Within a week after my book came out there was good news, and bad. The good news: my book had immediately become a number one “hot release” on its first day. The bad? I was back on prescribed anti-depressants. What happened?

Don’t Try This At Home

One of the first disclaimers I share in my Travel book is that I wouldn’t call myself a travel guru. It’s the caveat that comes with living a life by experience: don’t try this at home. All I attempted to do in that book was to share some of the travel hacking principles that I had consciously and subconsciously developed over many years of exploring our beautiful planet. Nobody tried following my travel advice at home. The book became a number one bestseller and people used my best practice approach to travel. They left their homes, and visited the places they’ve always wanted to see.

Then, in my Happiness book, I shared that I’m not necessarily a big believer in marriage anymore, and even dared announcing that sentence might become a topic for a future book. Be careful what you wish for. You’re holding that book right now. And even though by now some have called me a “travel guru”, I never expected to be writing about relationships, as I’m definitely not the guy with all the answers when it comes to love.

Looking For Answers

I made my share of relationship mistakes that I deeply regret. But, as I teach my authors in my book-writing course, most writers don’t write because they have the answers, they write because they’re looking for answers themselves, which they then share with the world. Just like the first two books in the Freedom Project series, in this third volume I want to do exactly that: share my experiences. Not because they’re the ultimate truth, but they’ve become my truth, and a reality I live by every day. Use them as you see fit.

To continue reading, please buy yourself a copy of the book. The Freedom Project Love 2.0, an upgraded view to the way humans relate to each other, was release in May of 2018. The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon, Amazon Canada, Barnes & Noble and finer book retailers worldwide. For those who like ebooks (not me), it’s also available on Amazon Kindle. To learn more about the Freedom Project series please visit Thanks for your support!

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