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My ode to Canada, for cage free humans everywhere
It all began in 2008, I was 26 at the time. Young, green, and very naive. I knew I...
My Unusual Advice To Every Entrepreneur
Today, thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners are using something that’s working very well right now for anyone looking...
Stop the glorification of busy
A friend posted this quote to her Instagram to other day, and it was spot on with something I’ve...
Stop Feeding The Gurus
Today I saw a video on Facebook from some guy who advocates to stop feeding the gurus. Now I’m glad I never proclaimed myself to be a guru, so no need to get defensive here. Look on page 13 of my travel book if you don’t believe me –... Read more
My ode to Canada, for cage free humans everywhere

It all began in 2008, I was 26 at the time. Young, green, and very naive. I knew I wanted something different.

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Are you a teacher, a fellow traveller or a student?
Too often we struggle too much in an attempt to figure things out on our own instead of asking for help. Asking for help is perceived as a sign of weakness. We forget that people who are ahead of us have already accomplished what we’re trying to do. Success... Read more
Release the brakes and go after what you really want
Most people drive through life with their psychological brakes on. The brakes are negative images we hold on to about ourselves, such as inaccurate beliefs about reality, guilt, negative self-talk and self-doubt. This negative energy, even if it’s subconscious, can be a real obstacle to accomplishing your goals, no matter how... Read more
Life was never meant to be perfect, or easy
Finding happiness within starts with acceptance: the acceptance of yourself, as well as your circumstances and situations. Life will never be perfect. But life seems perfect when you’ve accepted that life is not perfect. Happiness comes when you accept the imperfection, the flaws, the ups and downs, and enjoy... Read more
All My Courses Are Back On Udemy – And Why This Is Good News For You (Please Take Advantage!)
I’m thrilled to announce that after a hiatus, I’m back on Udemy, and I couldn’t be more excited to have you join me for another round of learning awesomeness. Let’s skip the formalities and dive straight into the good stuff! Interactive Learning: Time to Get Your Hands Dirty Enough... Read more
Don’t Wait Until Black Friday – Add Something New Today
It’s been quite the year… and there’s only about 30 business days left before the year is officially over. How are you going to use the remaining days this year? Anything you had wanted to do this year, but haven’t yet? Any New Year’s resolutions that are still on... Read more
Changing our broke mindset
Money has a central function in our society. We use it everyday to pay for our coffee, our bills, and we might even give some away to that street performer who put a smile on our face. I’m fine with using money as a means to exchange goods and... Read more
Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes

During one of my art events in a local farmers market this summer I ended up beside a lady who was selling vegetables from her own greenhouse.

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Success in business starts with humility
In my Happiness book I wrote about having the right attitude to happiness, and success. One of the biggest dangers I’ve seen with people and business is how they move forward when they have already experienced success in the past. Not that success itself is the problem, but in... Read more