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An introduction to my take on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You probably didn't know I've maintained an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business ever since I was in university (even...
I’m Ending My Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media – And You’re Invited
One of my most important goals is to have much more direct communication with all of you, not controlled...
How I Saved A Thousand Dollars By Cancelling My Cellphone (While Keeping My Number)
I finally took the plunge and cancelled my cellphone. I’ve been using internet based telephone systems for years now,...
Europe’s New Travel Authorization Set to Launch Next Year: Here’s What You Need To Know
Important changes are on the horizon for travellers eager to explore Europe in 2024. Starting next year, a new travel authorization is required for visitors travelling to this diverse continent. The United States and Canada have been requiring this for many years, and this is Europe’s attempt to also... Read more
How to stay fit while traveling: ten helpful tips for exercise success
Cardiovascular exercise stimulates your entire body, encouraging improved circulation, heart and lung strength, system detoxification and more. It also enhances your mood and quality of life. Weight-training exercise increases lean muscle mass. Muscle burns calories for energy, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.... Read more
Breaking Down The Travel Industry’s Secret Pyramid
I’ve said it before: The only thing better than travel? Free travel! But how does travel hacking work? This video shares some of the basic principles that I teach in the introduction of my Travel Revolution program: I’d love to take you step-by-step through my program, and show you... Read more
Vancouver aerial photography: Granville Island
A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the most expensive photographs I’ve created so far. While not as expensive as New York City, chartering a seaboat plane in Vancouver was definitely up there in price too, but a fun experience resulting in some unique photographs – such as... Read more
Embracing Human Connection: Moving Forward from Challenges
Last month, I did something a little unconventional—I (re)shared my actual cell phone number on my blog and social media profiles. It’s fascinating how accustomed we’ve become to automated interactions that we question the authenticity of genuine connections. But I assure you, that number was real, and the messages... Read more
10 World Tested Money Saving Tips For Travelers
Every once in a while I stumble upon a blog or article somewhere that explains “travel hacking” as some clever tips about how to pack your bags, counteract that transatlantic jetlag, and maybe save money on snacks. If you think that’s what travel hacking is, you got it wrong.... Read more
Make money from your images: photography jobs to get you started
It is not true that there is no money in photography. For those who are truly gifted, fame and fortune can be achieved. In fact, there are a number of photographers who have reached the top of their field mastering their skills. While we tend to look up to them,... Read more
Who needs Napa Valley when you can have Canada’s Okanagan?

As a side effect of putting together my photography book celebrating Western Canada, I’ve also discovered some wonderful local Canadian wineries.

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Standing Strong Together: Supporting Communities Affected by Wildfires in Western Canada
The picturesque landscapes of Western Canada, known for their breathtaking beauty, have once again been impacted by the devastating wildfires that have swept through the region. Families, businesses, and communities in many cities and towns in British Columbia (and beyond) have been deeply affected, and there’s a need for... Read more
How Long Until Your Book Becomes A Bestseller?

Good books aren’t written, they’re structured in a certain way that helps them become a success. The same applies to authors. Becoming a “bestseller” takes work, careful planning, and some targeted efforts. But, how long does the process take?

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