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My Photography Guide To The Calgary Stampede My Photography Guide To The Calgary Stampede
Local Calgarians claim going to the Stampede is only for tourists. Since no one is really “from” Calgary (most people move here at one... My Photography Guide To The Calgary Stampede

MG_7247-11Local Calgarians claim going to the Stampede is only for tourists. Since no one is really “from” Calgary (most people move here at one point or another), we’re all tourists in a way. I use that excuse (in case I need one) for visiting the Calgary Stampede every year. What better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday today by getting ready for the Calgary Stampede?

Whether this is your first rodeo or not, here’s some of my personal highlights which all come with great photo opportunities you can use during the Calgary Stampede this year.

  • IMG_8005-16Try the Skyride to get an aerial view of the Stampede midway. Especially on busy days this might offer a good viewpoint to capture the crowds from above.
  • Don’t overlook the 30+ rock and country artists appearing at the Coca-Cola stage and Nashville North. The artists (and instruments) make for some great pictures. While the lineups for Nashville North tend to be long, the Coca-Cola stage is free and since it’s outdoors there’s natural light to work with. Don’t miss the brass bands around the midway either!
  • MG_7391-12Don’t miss the animals of Stampede – the feature image for this post, known as “Equine Elegance”, shows the Budweiser Clydesdales.
  • Stampede is known for it’s crazy foods. From mini-donuts to corn-dogs and deep fried coke. This year’s new additions are a $100 hotdog, cockroach pizza, mini-donut popsicle and more. Food photography has defined a category of it’s own. Can you capture the essence of Stampede with food?
  • The rodeo and grandstand shows are always fun to watch, although your photography options might be limited depending on what seats you can get. Try for a lower row or in-field seats to get some good angles for action shots.
  • Had enough of the heat and the crowds? Head inside and look for the Western Oasis. You can wind down with a glass of wine, listen to music and enjoy the fine art photography as well as other Western art by fellow Calgary artists.


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Calgary Stampede Art

Curious to see some of my Calgary Stampede photography and more around the city? 

Calgary Fine Art Photography Collection


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