Make money from your images: photography jobs to get you started

It is not true that there is no money in photography. For those who are truly gifted, fame and fortune can be achieved. In fact, there are a number of photographers who have reached the top of their field mastering their skills. While we tend to look up to them, we forget they all had to get started somewhere. Did you know there are a number of jobs that an aspiring photographer can get into? Pictures and visuals are important in most media and talented photographers are now more in demand in the market than ever before.

Below are just some of the areas where aspiring photographers can get into – and believe me, it is possible to earn big bucks in each!

Magazine and newspaper photographer

Although it is more lucrative to do freelance photography, it is best for photographers who are just starting out to first establish contacts and build a name through magazines and newspapers. This is also the best place to earn experience in photography as you will encounter different settings as well as interact with different kinds of people.

Newspaper photography is harder and more spontaneous compared to magazine photography, which is primarily shot on location. When working for newspapers, you must be able to have (or develop) a sharp eye for photos that will capture the readers attention as well as tell a story.

model-600238_1280Fashion shoots

A photographer can also work in fashion shoots. When you have enough experience, you can design a shoot and become the overall shoot or campaign director. Most fashion houses / designers will hire photographers when coming up with a new collection for the season.

Advertising agency

Another area where a photographer can get into is to work for an advertising agency where you will be conceptualizing ads for campaigns. You can start as a photographer and then gradually climb up through the ranks, and become an art director.

bridal-636018_1280-2Event Photographer

Events like concerts and special occasions like weddings and debuts will always require photographers who will document the event. Pictures are a large part of any event, and in a way the photographs are  more essential than the food or music: once the big day is over all you are left with is memories, captured through beautiful photographs.

Freelance photographer

Although it will be harder for photographers that are new in the field to establish a career as a freelance photographer, there are a number of markets where you can contribute your work. For example, most international agencies like UNICEF hire photographers to document their various projects in far-flung areas. There are also some photographers who are hired to contribute generic photographs that will be used in newsletters and brochures.


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