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How eco-friendly is your small business website? How eco-friendly is your small business website?
I visited a website recently that turned to black when I had walked away for a few minutes to make myself a cup of... How eco-friendly is your small business website?

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I visited a website recently that turned to black when I had walked away for a few minutes to make myself a cup of coffee. Supposedly to “save power”, the site had activated some form of screensaver until I returned to my computer and wiggled my mouse. I find it questionable if that practice actually saves power, since my monitor was still switched on. But it did pose an interesting question: how eco-friendly is a website?

Probably the biggest power consumption in keeping the internet alive goes towards the server parks that run it. Sure, my beloved MacBook uses some power but I’m fairly certain it’s far less than the servers that power my various websites. If you have a small business, you sure have a website. If not, you should. But have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself the question how eco-friendly your website really is? You might have already made some eco-friendly adjustments in your personal life, but did you know your website can be green too?


As energy awareness continues to grow, people are looking to make environmentally responsible decisions as consumers. Make sure your website is eco-friendly too:

  • Appeal to your eco-conscious customers
  • Build your reputation as environmentally responsible

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