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How To Read 30 Books A Month How To Read 30 Books A Month
Yes, reading 30 books a month sounds impossible, but here’s my take on it. For you book worms with little time to spare on... How To Read 30 Books A Month

Yes, reading 30 books a month sounds impossible, but here’s my take on it. For you book worms with little time to spare on your favorite hobby, I can relate. Being a book hoarder myself, I needed a simple and way tool to improve my ability to read and gain new information. I’ve taken a speed reading course or two, but still that wasn’t going fast enough for me just yet.

My goal was to absorb the topics I was interested in at high speed, rather than letting books sit on my “future reading shelf” for several weeks, months or even years without getting in to them. But where to start? Picking the right book is one thing, but going through each one to gain the full amount of information is another obstacle to tackle.

What if I could just get the summarized version of my favorite books to help me gather the most important points, while skipping poorly written books with little-to-no value. I don’t need the fillers, excess information, and fluff that fills many books. Often I just want the main points from a book I’m reading.

I found my solution within an app called Blinkist. The service neatly packages a book into an immersive summary and highlights the most important concepts of each book in about 15-20 minutes each. A considerable amount of my hours were used more productively, along with a lot of notes on my learnings. Currently, I “read” about a book each day during otherwise unproductive time.

The library has 40 new titles per month, with a current collection of 3,000+ books. You can read their summaries or listen to it (for most titles), perfect to use at the gym, during your commute, or on that next long-haul flight.

While I signed up for a few other book sites, I found Blinkist to be the most convenient and user-friendly. Better yet, I beat my goal of 30 books a month and actually reached 35!

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