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Wristbands: my business card Wristbands: my business card
I often say "I don't carry any business cards", which is not completely true. I do have business cards. About ten thousand of them. Wristbands: my business card

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lpI often say “I don’t carry any business cards”, which is not completely true. I do have business cards. About ten thousand of them. I ordered those for a large show where the expected attendance was about fifty thousand people. I just wanted to be prepared and ordered, what I thought to be, enough business cards.

Those turned out to be more than enough. Much more. For many years to come. I still have about nine thousand of them left in my studio. Slowly but surely I keep giving them out. They don’t contain any time-sensitive information so it’s all good. But I didn’t give out nearly as much business cards as I thought.

Why? Wristbands, that’s why. Custom debossed, silicone wristbands, with my website address on them. I always have one (or two) on my wrist, and they’re super easy to give away. Instead of taking my business card, people often ask for a colourful wrist band instead. Admitted, they are a bit more expensive to make than traditional business cards, but the benefits are huge. Picture it. What do people do when you give them your business card? They put it in their pocket, wallet, or purse. To never resurface from there again. A wristband people put on their wrist. When they come home and sit down in front of their computer, your business name or web address is right in front of them (on their wrist), seriously increasing the odds of them visiting your website. And with any luck, buying something.

So, I keep saying: “I don’t carry any business cards. But here’s a wristband with my website on it.” It works like a charm, every time. I’ve been asked many times where I have mine made, and this is where. Go make some of your own.

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