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Write a Book… on the beach!
Coming to you live from my patio in the Bahamas! I’m the author of the book The Freedom Project,...
A Traveler Working Safely From Home
Happiness comes in waves. The feature picture for this post was taken a few months ago, on my annual...
Travel hacking:  I did it – and so can you. But will you?
I wrote a travel hacking book that explains the theory behind the secrets of travel I have used to explore the world, and fly for free. Right now I’m finalizing my new travel hacking course The Travel Revolution. This course takes the next step from the book, and takes you step-by-step... Read more
Travelling To Atlantis Bahamas? Here’s All You Need To Know
Considering a trip to the Atlantis Bahamas? If you’ve never been to the Bahamas, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Visiting this beautiful destination has become an annual tradition for me. The islands of the Bahamas offer a unique experience, and many people dream of a vacation in... Read more
Travel Hacking 101: 8 tips to maximize your frequent flyer points and airline miles
In my travel hacking book The Freedom Project, I recommend even infrequent flyers to be enrolled in not one, but all airline frequent flyer programs. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of the book today to learn why, it’s available worldwide on Amazon and they often have discounts and promotions.... Read more
Abandoned drinks are subject to search

Don’t miss this video I recorded on my recent trip to Paradise Island – Bahamas. It’s one of those occasions where I completely forgot to check one of my camera’s after coming home.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Four must-visit, off the beaten path travel destinations
2016 was a year of adventures and opportunities to live by experience. I’ve so enjoyed taking so many of you along with me on the journey and I invite you to come along with me in 2017. I hope to make some first time, as well as reconnect with... Read more