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Summer in Canada Photography
Summer 2021 in Canada Photos and memories of summer 2021 in Canada… I’ve wrapped up the season with another...
Why You Should Add Some Freedom To Your Goals
What if you added a component of freedom to your most important life or business goal? Freedom to be...
Bicyles For Business
Liberty Training Academy boosts young entrepreneurs in developing countries with business training and new wheels. With every course bundle...
The U.S. Border Is Finally Open Again… Or Is It?
The US Land border is finally open to Canadian travellers. It’s also open to European travellers by the way, so Canada didn’t get any sort of neighbourly preferential treatment, in case you were wondering. Either way, here’s what you need to know in case you were considering a trip... Read more
Summer in Canada Photography
Summer 2021 in Canada Photos and memories of summer 2021 in Canada… I’ve wrapped up the season with another 10k added to my motorcycle mileage. Storing it for winter is always a bit of a sad day, but with the first snow on the ground here in Calgary it’s... Read more
How To Store Your Alberta Vaccine QR Code On Your iPhone
Have you tried scanning the QR code on your Alberta vaccination certificate with your own iPhone camera? This may work for other provinces too. Give it a try. You’ll have to print your certificate or display it on your desktop, and then scan the QR code with your smartphone... Read more
Romancing Canada – a brief guide for first time travelers
Canada occupies most of North America and is, size-wise, the second largest country in the world. There is nothing small about Canada and, even if you don’t choose to settle here permanently, this makes this country the ideal place for broadening your horizons, and experiencing an adventure or two. The options are... Read more
Canada Hasn’t Fallen: We’re Just Celebrating Thanksgiving
This weekend we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada. As per usual, we’re a little ahead of the game here up North. At least that’s what we like to think up here. Not unlikely because very soon hell might freeze over once more. Might as well get Thanksgiving out of the... Read more
Be A Better Behaved Traveller
Wanderlust affects each of us at one time or another, maybe today more than ever before. Travel changes you, and after not having seen the inside of an airplane for 18+ months, most of us have started to realize how much travel helps you grow as a human being.... Read more
When Will Travel Restrictions Be Lifted?
Is it safe to travel this summer? A few weeks ago, frustrated Brits had to rush home from Portugal to avoid being quarantined upon their return. I couldn’t help but wonder wether it was still too early to travel after all. Closer to home, fully vaccinated Canadians are free... Read more
Happy Birthday Canada – Free Online Course Access For Canada Day
It’s Canada day week up here in the great white North – and we’re enjoying tropical temperatures here in Calgary for the entire week it sounds like. With the border closed I cant go to Vegas yet – but Vegas came to us. To celebrate Canada Day I’d like... Read more
Living Abroad For 13 Years: What I Promised Myself
Because everyone talks about goals, goals can lose their meaning. They end up being just another thing on a todo list. Instead – I make promises to myself from time to time. Things I want to keep and stick with. This week I’m celebrating my 13th “Canaversary”. It’s been a... Read more
Travel Hacking Ski Resorts – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ski Pass This Upcoming Season

I just bought my ski pass for the upcoming season. With local season passes and even “discount” cards becoming increasingly more expensive my travel hacking mind kicked in. The goal? Optimize the amount of ski days for as little money per day as possible.

Read more