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Forget About The Gurus And Living For Tomorrow
My personal website states that I’m an “Author, Artist, and Advisor”. A triple-A “freedompreneur”, as I’d like to call it. The topics I write about vary loosely amongst those three main themes, giving me a lot of creative freedom to share what’s been on my mind most in any... Read more
What Carl Jung, photography and creative writing have in common
Do you think that creative writing is something you can learn? Many of the aspiring authors who join my Write a Book in a Week program ask me this question. They know they have a story to tell. Most of them are afraid they don’t have what it takes... Read more
Small Business Owners: People want to hear from you – but hate seeing your ads
Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner? Relax. People actually want to hear from you. They just HATE seeing your ads. Research shows time and time again that they think there’s too many, they’re too intrusive, and all the tracking is downright creepy. It’s not for no reason... Read more