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My Favourite American Express Cards for Travellers: A Comparison
As a travel hacker, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a variety of credit cards and loyalty programs over the years. However, there are three premium American Express cards that have become a staple in my wallet due to their impressive travel benefits and rewards. Here’s a breakdown... Read more
How To Use Credit Cards To Fund Your Travel
I go for credit and charge cards that give me travel points for every single dollar I spend on them. When I first learned about this I signed up for every program that’s out there. I gained some points, but nothing really happened – I was a long way... Read more
The Top 7 Travel Hacking Questions I Get All The Time
Ever since I wrote my travel hacking book, I opened up my inbox to the “how do you do it?”-question. Nothing wrong with that – keep them coming! But if you’ve ever heard me speak at a public or online event, you’ll understand the point of me writing that... Read more