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7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Cruise Vacation
There’s a difference between travel and vacation. Taking a cruise definitely falls in the latter category, but despite that it can still be a great way to quickly explore parts of the world at a daily rate that can be more budget friendly than some of the other travel... Read more
Are You Ready To Set Sail On A Cruise Vacation?
As we enter the colder months, cruise ships will once again be setting sail with more and more travellers flocking to warmer destinations. Are you ready to schedule your next vacation? As travel is starting to resume globally it’s time to start making some plans, even if you’re not... Read more
Tips to get the most out of your cruise vacation – and a review of mine
Until recently I had never been on a cruise before. When traveling, I like to get “lost” roaming the streets of foreign cities. The idea of being trapped on a big floating apartment building didn’t necessarily appeal to me. But I gave it a shot anyway: Destinations are as exotic as the... Read more
5 Mistakes I Made As A Rookie Cruise Passenger
Let me start out by saying I didn’t think I would enjoy cruising as much as I did. I like to say there is a difference between traveling and vacationing and cruising definitely falls into the vacation category. But there’s nothing wrong with that. When I travel, I like... Read more
Greetings from Jamaica: Everything Irie
Irie: to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries. “Everything Irie” is the Jamaican way of saying everything’s ok. One of the things I learned when I visited Jamaica, a while back. On my trip there I... Read more
Sharing my insider travel connections – and ideas for your next trip
One question I get all the time, is how I manage to travel all the time (watch the video here). I’m sure that by now you’ve seen my travel book The Freedom Project which shares most of my secrets – but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know but it’s... Read more