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My Top 3 Foodie Travel Destinations In The United States (So Far)
All of my favorite destinations have one thing in common: it’s possible to live very well, without spending much. And the list includes cities that appear to be expensive, like Tokyo, New York, and Paris, just to name a few. Most of these cities I know like the back... Read more
The perfect response to: How would you like that cooked?

A recent corporate event reminded me of one of those typical Christmas parties: organized with all the best of intentions I’m sure, but despite all the jolly Christmas feelings (infused by the typical open bar) it typically makes me want to quit my job (figuratively speaking, that is, in case I had an actual job).

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How to eat like a local when traveling abroad
When I arrive in a new place, I don’t like to have a quick meal at the first restaurant that catches my eye. The food usually turns out to be disappointing and the service even worse. Being stuck in a bad tourist-trap restaurant is such a waste of a... Read more
Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes

During one of my art events in a local farmers market this summer I ended up beside a lady who was selling vegetables from her own greenhouse.

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