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4 Cities Why Travelers Flock To East Asia
My trip to Asia was what eventually inspired me to write my first book, The Freedom Project Travel. From a Western perspective, traveling to Asia takes you so far out of your comfort zone that your life just has to change in some way or another. It may even... Read more
Tokyo 東京 – A City Of Contradictions

My passion is travel, and photography – and I tend to do an insane amount of both.

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This Is What Christmas In Tokyo Looks Like
Japan is a country rich in traditions and brilliant photo opportunities. In Tokyo, where spectacular festivals take place right on the streets. Japan is welcoming to travelers from around the world. People are helpful, and do everything they can to make you feel at home. Despite it’s business-like exterior,... Read more
Finding inspiration in Tokyo

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a public talk and share some of my photography and stories from my trip to Tokyo, Japan. In preparation for the event I found some Japan pictures I haven’t shared before.

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