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Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone
Are you struggling to find your purpose? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we’re looking for meaning and...
Change Is Inevitable – But How Do You Manage Change In A Technology Environment?
Change is inevitable – it’s happening either way – but that’s just a cliche. The reality is that change is happening whether you have a change management process in place or not, so you may as well leverage that momentum of change for something better: improve your service quality through... Read more
Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone
Are you struggling to find your purpose? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we’re looking for meaning and connection. To helps us do that, there’s no shortage of life coaches and “manifestation specialists”. They post glamorous updates on social media offering their services to help you get back... Read more
Personalized Online Learning With A Relentless Focus On Your Results
I like to do things a bit different than most, and as such get different results than most. If that’s intriguing to you, and my guess is – it is, you’ve come to the right place. Watch the video below to find out more about what I do, or... Read more
Save Big On My Online Courses For Travelers, Authors and Entrepreneurs Today
Today, I want to extend you an exclusive invitation to join the world’s leading online learning experiences, including my most popular business courses as well as my 3 flagship programs: Write a Book in a Week, the Travel Revolution and my new Break Free Xperience. Which one will you... Read more
Don’t Wait Until Black Friday – Add Something New Today
It’s been quite the year… and there’s only about 30 business days left before the year is officially over. How are you going to use the remaining days this year? Anything you had wanted to do this year, but haven’t yet? Any New Year’s resolutions that are still on... Read more
Is Social Media Polarizing The Conversations We Have With Others?
I’ve written about this one before. I’ve even left Facebook for a while. Admitted, I’m back, but never got really excited about participating in somebody else’s platform. I failed to see how it would benefit me or the people I was connecting with, other than exchanging vacation pictures (but... Read more
The Kids Are Back To School – Now What’s Next For You?
Can’t believe it’s September already. The kids are heading back to school. For some of you – they’re finally (!) heading back. Schools in Alberta Canada are (mostly) back to in-person education following the covid19 pandemic. Time to add something new for parents or anyone who felt they neglected what... Read more
Leveraging The Power Of Social Media Group Marketing
If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of social media group marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity – and most entrepreneurs haven’t even tried it! There are tons of people looking to purchase your product, they just haven’t found you yet. Why groups matter You’ve... Read more
Mini Courses Now Re-Open For Registration
After a brief hiatus and a cap on registrations, we’ve brought back some of our smaller training programs. These “mini courses” are now back open for registrations! I welcome you to check them out if any of these 3 topics interest you. Not trying to sell you on anything... Read more
The Monopoly On Truth – And Celebrating My Birthday Week
This week I’m celebrating my birthday, and I’ve put together a few special things that I’d love to share with you. Like a new calendar year, birthdays are a great time to celebrate and reflect upon what’s next. Celebrate achievements, and focus on next steps, and new adventures. For the... Read more