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Self Awareness Is The Difficult Path To Success
It takes strength to work on your weaknesses. The first step on the path to change is awareness. You can’t change something if you’re not aware of the problem that needs to be changed. Self awareness, being aware of your self, is the first step on the path to... Read more
From Toxic To Happiness: Honouring Your Preferences
When is the last time you heard about a toxic workplace, family, relationship – or anything “toxic”, really. It’s a popular term. A lot of things seem to be “toxic” these days. You hear about it all the time. Meanwhile everyone also talks about self-love and self-care.  Is there... Read more
Breaking Free And Finding Happiness
When I was writing my Happiness book, the core message I wanted to share was learning not to “get away”, escape and binge travel. Finding happiness is easier said than done. Too often, I used travel as an escape from a life I didn’t even like in the first place.... Read more
Avoiding The Gratitude Trap: 6 Realistic Tips For A Healthier Mindset
Heads up: This is not yet-another-post about gratitude. The word is overused these days to the point where it doesn’t have much meaning anymore. Hearing someone talk about gratitude can even be upsetting, which isn’t conducive to fostering a healthy mindset at all. Being grateful for everything, means nothing. You... Read more