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Summer in Canada Photography
Summer 2021 in Canada Photos and memories of summer 2021 in Canada… I’ve wrapped up the season with another...
Is Travel Hacking Worth It?
Some of the best things in life aren’t goals to be achieved, but experiences to be enjoyed: happiness, freedom,...
My travel art – almost 200 prints from over 25 destinations around the world (and counting)
“Support living artists, the dead ones don’t need it.” My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world: I...
Why I Hardly Participate In Art Shows Anymore

“Thank you for your submission to the “x” exhibition. Making selections was extremely challenging for our juror, due to the amount of excellent work submitted.

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Letting the good times roll in New Orleans, Louisiana
A while back, I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. My liver is still recovering from the adventure, but “Noo Aw-lins” has a lot more to offer than cheap drinks. New Orleans, the largest city of Louisiana, located on a Mississippi River bend... Read more
Plan your book, then plan your trip
When you plan to make a book about your vacation travels before you leave, the experience of your trip will be much better – as will your book. This applies even more if you want your book to be more than a simple collection of photographs. To create more of a journalistic or documentary-style... Read more
Top Online Deals To Be On The Lookout For This Week
With Black Friday only a few days away, we’re seeing more and more “early” online deals popup. Now is the time to begin thinking about what you may want to take advantage of, so you can take action when you see the right offer come by. This will prevent... Read more
Summer in Canada Photography
Summer 2021 in Canada Photos and memories of summer 2021 in Canada… I’ve wrapped up the season with another 10k added to my motorcycle mileage. Storing it for winter is always a bit of a sad day, but with the first snow on the ground here in Calgary it’s... Read more
How to buy fine art online
Just a few years ago it seemed people thought the idea of purchasing “clothing” through the internet was absurd. How would you know if it fits? What if it doesn’t fit? What if my credit card number gets stolen? Those were just a few of the many questions I... Read more
Forget About The Gurus And Living For Tomorrow
My personal website states that I’m an “Author, Artist, and Advisor”. A triple-A “freedompreneur”, as I’d like to call it. The topics I write about vary loosely amongst those three main themes, giving me a lot of creative freedom to share what’s been on my mind most in any... Read more
Why I love doing a 1000 projects at a time

Am I scattered? Someone literally asked me that question the other day. I do get bored easily, so I enjoy many different things – preferably at the same time. I’m just a Dutch guy, relocated to Canada and now living a creative life around the world. I’m also a travel hacker. Bestselling author. Award winning fine art photographer. Coffee addict.

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Happy Birthday Canada – Free Online Course Access For Canada Day
It’s Canada day week up here in the great white North – and we’re enjoying tropical temperatures here in Calgary for the entire week it sounds like. With the border closed I cant go to Vegas yet – but Vegas came to us. To celebrate Canada Day I’d like... Read more
Mini Courses Now Re-Open For Registration
After a brief hiatus and a cap on registrations, we’ve brought back some of our smaller training programs. These “mini courses” are now back open for registrations! I welcome you to check them out if any of these 3 topics interest you. Not trying to sell you on anything... Read more