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Support And Buy Local This Holiday Season
Worried about the supply chain crunch this holiday season? Lots of companies are having issues to keeping up with their inventory, for a number of reasons both related and unrelated to the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic. Retailers are already suggesting hat you should shop early to get everything... Read more
Top Online Deals To Be On The Lookout For This Week
With Black Friday only a few days away, we’re seeing more and more “early” online deals popup. Now is the time to begin thinking about what you may want to take advantage of, so you can take action when you see the right offer come by. This will prevent... Read more
Living in Canada? Tired of International Shipping Fees?

Living in Canada, I’m frustrated with the high cost of shipping my online purchases to my home. Likelihood of getting a free book AND free shipping? Honestly, slim to none. I’m sorry to limit your options, but take your pick. If you want me to pay for both your book and your international shipping cost, you might need a reality check. But if you’re like me, and fed up with shipping fees, have a read through the below.

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Make money by buying things online you already buy anyway
A while ago I wrote about a millionaire’s job description, and how most of the super-successfull have not one, but multiple streams of income. On my blog, I sometimes review products and services I use myself, and get a affiliate bonus paid as a thank-you from the company that got promoted.... Read more