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Travel Smart: How to Stay Safe Online While Traveling
Travelling near or far is exciting, but can also be risky if you don’t take proper precautions to stay safe online. From booking accommodations to staying connected with loved ones back home, much of your travel experience now takes place online. As we become more dependent on technology while away... Read more
Why Your Mental Fitness Relies on Human Connections
Most mornings (as long as it’s doesn’t rain in Vancouver), I start my day with a morning run. During one of those morning runs, my running coach brought up the importance of having meaningful connections with others. He asked, “how many people would you check in on in person,... Read more
Celebrate 41: Join The Birthday Bash With My Exclusive Course Bundle
Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 In celebration of my birthday weekend, I’m excited to offer an incredible deal on my 5-course digital marketing bundle. This bundle includes courses on Business Ideas, Marketing Automation, Growth Hacking, SEO & Social Media, and Financial Freedom, all designed to help you improve your... Read more
3 Keys To Design Travel Experiences That Change Your Life
Sat down at your computer in the spring of 2020 and haven’t gotten up since to take a break? For many of us, pandemic life has become more monotone than we would have liked. Wanderlust affects each of us at one time or another, maybe today more than ever before.... Read more
Less Media, More Social – Are You With Me?
A lot has changed on on my end. After over a decade I’ve left Calgary and moved even further West to be closer to the water again. I thought I wouldn’t be moving here, but eventually did anyway. Hello, Vancouver! A different city means a different area code, so... Read more
Taking A Break From Facebook And Instagram To Improve Mental Health?
I know this is not an airport and I don’t need to announce my departure… but I’m leaving. After hearing about riots in The Hague (my hometown) and various other Dutch cities in late 2021 it’s time to call it as I see it: as social media has played... Read more