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Why Most Marketing Attempts Fail And How To Fix The Problem
When was the last time you saw an ad for something, and actually decided to buy it? If you’re...
Learn the Money Success Principles of the Rich and Wealthy
I’m beyond excited to share one of my most popular online courses with you in this post! But let...
Have You Ever Considered Yourself A Consultant?
Have you ever considered yourself a consultant? The title “consultant” used to be reserved for retired diplomats and former...
Great things happen to those who don’t wait
Many people spend a lot of time analyzing, planning and organizing various parts of their life, but they fail to take action. Successful people also analyze, plan and organize, but they never fail to take action. When you take action things start to happen. Personally, I learn much more quickly while I... Read more
Believe in yourself: you already have what it takes
We are able to achieve whatever our minds can conceive and believe. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” If that’s true, we have to replace all our negative expectations with positive ones, in order for our minds to start working towards the... Read more
What I learned while collecting testimonials for my books
In the past years I had the privilege of connecting with several fellow authors and entrepreneurs to see if they’d be kind enough to share a few words about my books. I’ve been able to collect a few pages of nice words about my writing from people I look up... Read more
A simple exercise to discover what you truly want to do with your life

If what you’re doing today doesn’t give you goose bumps, it’s probably not your passion. Here’s a simple exercise to discover what you truly love doing.

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The Great Resignation Is Happening. Here’s What You Need To Know.
In the last few weeks, I’m seeing a significant increase in employees posting about their great resignation and sharing heroic updates about their “two months in” on social media. Congratulations, by the way. The journey you’ve started is an exciting one, and you’re in for a ride. On the... Read more
Take full responsibility for your own life
Earlier this year, I had the privilege of meeting Jack Canfield, the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Success Principles. After working with Canfield, I felt inspired to write my second book in The Freedom Project series sooner than planned. I also wanted share... Read more
Self Awareness Is The Difficult Path To Success
It takes strength to work on your weaknesses. The first step on the path to change is awareness. You can’t change something if you’re not aware of the problem that needs to be changed. Self awareness, being aware of your self, is the first step on the path to... Read more
Don’t believe the lies of success

Every day I see some ad on social media talking about books, seminars and workshops promising to make us more successful.

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Looking For Opportunities? Six Tips For Starting A New Business Online
When I scroll through my LinkedIn feed, there’s a lot of people “looking for opportunities”. Some say they’ve sent out hundreds or even thousands of resumes without much luck in securing an interview for their next job. My question is – what else are you doing in the meantime,... Read more
The Four M’s of Success
People who have studied, or even spent time with successful people have found certain traits that accounted to their achievements. These success techniques not only helped them forward but also kept them there – even in times of depression, recession or other personal disasters. Four of them are The Great... Read more