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Is Travel Hacking Worth It?
Some of the best things in life aren’t goals to be achieved, but experiences to be enjoyed: happiness, freedom,...
Learning To Travel Again
Have you started planning your first post-vaccination trip yet? What’s that one place that you have always wanted to...
My 4 Required Steps Before Travelling Again
I’ve seen a lot of articles float by recently about when we can travel again. With vaccines becoming more...
Why A Book About Love Doesn’t Fit In The Freedom Project Series – Or Does It?
With the first two Freedom Project books you’ll eventually settle on a standpoint. Travel hacking is easy. Once you get the gist of it, you can apply it over and over again and benefit from free and upgraded travel for the rest of your life. You’ll discover yourself how... Read more
Are You Ready To Board A Plane Again?
It’s been almost a year since I shared my 4 required steps before travelling again – so it’s time to do a quick check in: where are we at in terms of resuming traveling. Are you ready to board a plane again – or is it better to wait a... Read more
What to do when you’re overbooked on a flight
After the horrifying story of an overbooked passenger being forcefully removed from an overbooked flight, I wanted to but share a step-by-step guide on what to do next time you’re overbooked. Several news outlets posted articles on how there should be additional legislation to prevent airlines from this popular... Read more
The only thing better than travel? Free travel!

Some people say “if travel was free, you’d never see me again”. Well, what are you waiting for? After I moved to Canada at age twenty-something I blew most of my savings account. One of the reasons to relocate to North America was to explore the world from this angle. With little money left in savings, I had to find a way to get on board of aircrafts for free – and I did.

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Get a limo on your next trip – it might be cheaper than a taxi or shuttle
In addition to flying direct whenever I can, there are many more ways to ensure I get to my destination as wrinkle free as possible. While group shuttle services at most airports provide a very cost effective way to get to the hotel or accommodation, I’ve certainly not found... Read more
Why I always choose to fly direct

After my recent disaster flight with United I was reminded of one of my most important travel principles: which is to always (always) fly direct. It’s not always possible, so if the itinerary requires it I’ll make a stopover somewhere if necessary, but for most cases I’ve made it one of my golden rules to always fly direct whenever possible.

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How do I travel all the time?

What I had to do in order to keep travelling and explore the world from my new Canadian home base, is to find a way to get onboard of airplanes for free.

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This Travel Program Is Full Of Insider Secrets – Here’s How To Get In
Let’s see the world, differently. I’m on a mission to change the way you travel, and see the world. Travel is the best educator and a catalyst for personal growth. The more we expose ourselves to new and different experiences and opportunities, the more we can allow ourselves to... Read more
Thinking about traveling somewhere you have never been?
What can you tell other travelers? The best tip I can give you if you want to go travel is this: to just go I actually wrote an entire book about that which shares the way I’ve planned my travels and how I book airfare, how I book hotels, how... Read more
How To Land Free Or Cheap Flights As Travel Resumes
Do you dream of traveling the world, and flying (for free) again? Travel is the best educator and a catalyst for personal growth. Not being able to do that has taken, and continues to take, a toll. All we need in life is the people we love, the places... Read more