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Travel Hacking And Attracting Amazing Experiences
I’m writing this post from my annual free trip to Bahamas, and walking down the resort last night I...
Why do we travel?

Why do we travel?

Travel Nov 12, 2017

Travel is about the value of the experience you get. The unexpected twists, the perfect moments, the memories you...
If travel was free, where would you go?
I’ve seen people post quotes and images on social media stating, “If travel were free you’d never see me...
What I Wish Everyone Knew About Amsterdam
Europe has many beautiful cities that need to be on everyones wish list. Don’t try to squeeze them all into one itinerary though. Visit one or two (maybe three) at a time, and plan to come back. Of all the cities to visit, Amsterdam has to be on everyone’s... Read more
The Joy Of Booking Travel Online

Booking travel is as almost much fun and comes with an equal number of complications as filing a tax return. There has to be a better way?

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Travel hacking has nothing to do with cheap travel

There seems to be a misconception out in the world about travel and the money we pay for it. There are permanent nomads who claim to “travel” all the time. On the other end of the spectrum is the belief that travel is expensive.

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Why do we travel?

Why do we travel?

Travel November 12, 2017

Travel is about the value of the experience you get. The unexpected twists, the perfect moments, the memories you bring along with you. It is about finding yourself lost and jet-lagged in the middle of Asia. It’s also about relaxing on a deserted island in the Philippines. Buying fresh... Read more
Money doesn’t buy happiness… or does it? My experience driving a Porsche GTS
Money doesn’t buy happiness they say. Or does it…? I was pondering this existential question when walking around the parking lot of Exotics Racing in Las Vegas. Surrounded by super-cars, I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe money doesn’t buy happiness – but it can buy me a Porsche. At... Read more
How I traveled to New York on a shoestring
When I went to New York City for the first time, I was still in college. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and I had most of my meals at a food court in the basement of the Rockefeller Center. I personally love food courts, so... Read more
Travel Hacking Las Vegas: Can it be done?
You’ll love this quick video I recorded of a BIG win in Las Vegas last time I was there – but truth be told I don’t gamble a lot. Despite not gambling away my life savings or book royalties, I visit Vegas very often. Does one really need a... Read more
Sharing my insider travel connections – and ideas for your next trip
One question I get all the time, is how I manage to travel all the time (watch the video here). I’m sure that by now you’ve seen my travel book The Freedom Project which shares most of my secrets – but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know but it’s... Read more
Travel Hacking 101: 8 tips to maximize your frequent flyer points and airline miles
In my travel hacking book The Freedom Project, I recommend even infrequent flyers to be enrolled in not one, but all airline frequent flyer programs. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of the book today to learn why, it’s available worldwide on Amazon and they often have discounts and promotions.... Read more
Abandoned drinks are subject to search

Don’t miss this video I recorded on my recent trip to Paradise Island – Bahamas. It’s one of those occasions where I completely forgot to check one of my camera’s after coming home.

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