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You should travel more! Don’t just dream about there. Go there. From travel stories, tips, tricks and even travel hacking – we’ll get you started.

Ready to see the world? I couldn’t be more thrilled to launch Living by Experience Travel, giving you access to all the secret rates and hidden benefits from the travel industry. Welcome behind the curtain of the travel world!


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Living By Experience - Wilko van de Kamp

Wilko van de Kamp

My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world: I fell in love with the exceptional things I saw and the remarkable people who crossed my path.

I’m a bestselling author, award-winning photographer, public speaker and consultant. I also travel, a lot. Long story short – I wear many different hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—my vision is to inspire and equip you to “just fly.” People describe me as an innovative, dynamic, personable, and tenacious professional who is always focused on practical, real-world solutions using a highly successful results-driven, integrity centered, and human approach.

Stories From The World

The stories below might inspire you to find some great ways to get away.

We traveled to nearly all corners of this planet and in these articles I share my best travel tips and ticks. If you really want to learn more about the way I travel, look at my Travel Hacking page here.

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