3 Keys To Design Travel Experiences That Change Your Life

Sat down at your computer in the spring of 2020 and haven’t gotten up since to take a break? For many of us, pandemic life has become more monotone than we would have liked. Wanderlust affects each of us at one time or another, maybe today more than ever before. Hold on to your travel dreams, because we will travel again. Travel changes you, so let’s make some plans to get ready to travel again.

When designing my travel experiences, I ensure they encompass the maximum experience value for that trip. In this post I’ll share three key concepts I always keep an eye on to achieve that optimal result.

Enrich your mind, body & soul

Going to a new place, outside of your usual surroundings, will allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. This is why solo travel can be so rewarding. You remove everything familiar to be left with just yourself. To connect with your deepest self, it’s important to put yourself an an environment where you can be safe, calm and relaxed. Spoil yourself a little.

Staying in the cheapest hotel room possible is usually not worth it. It’s much more fun to stay in an inspiring environment where you can get in touch with yourself and focus on what matters most. For most people, a natural setting near a beach or body of water will help that process more than staying in a concrete jungle in some urban setting. When you’re there, make sure you have the time to enjoy the experience and fully soak it in.

Create balance

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to relax and take time off. Notifications, reminders, and streams of constant information are always present. Thanks to our mobile devices anyone can get a hold of you at virtually any time, any place. Even if your phone doesn’t ring all the time, you subconsciously are always aware that it could go off at any moment.

Focusing on your goals and taking some time to yourself to exercise or be alone can almost feel like a selfish act. For some it may feel like a luxury you can’t even afford given all the demands your environment places on you.

Travel can bring a sense of balance by taking some time out and disconnecting from the everyday life. Mandatory relaxation can be restorative for your energy levels – and taking some much needed time away from it all can help you live a more balanced life at home as well.

Have fun experiences

One of the most important aspects of planning any trip is to have a lot of fun. Yes, that even includes business travel as well. Always make sure you incorporate some joy even on a busy business trip. Don’t jam-pack the schedule with organized tours and excursions, but incorporate different fun activities that you enjoy doing on your own or with your travel group.

By choosing joy while traveling and allowing yourself to enjoy the things you normally might not have time for, you can re-train your mind in recognizing those opportunities at home as well. By giving yourself something else to focus on, you’ll free your mind from the daily grind and allow it to come up with new patterns. You might just uncover new energy, creativity by going in a different direction for a while.

Join the movement

Revolutions aren’t always full of noisy distractions and rowdy people. Sometimes they’re about a diverse group of people all quietly traveling in different directions all over the world. That’s what the Travel Revolution is all about. Our mission is to promote safe and responsible travel while maximizing your travel experiences. Our members know that their intention is to learn to see the world differently, and make every trip the very best it can be.

Especially when learning to travel again after Covid-19, we are more committed to be resilient, adaptable, and believe we can find a responsible way to encourage travel as a way to change the world. If you’ve promised yourself to travel more “in the future” – NOW is the time to get started on making some plans.

Opportunities to travel may come and go…. but once you learn real travel hacking you’ll have the knowledge that lasts to maximize your trips forever. Click here to find out more and join the Travel Revolution.

Join the movement


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